“electrissicals” and other annoying things…….

You’d think the day after Christmas would be easy going……sort of a day after full of left overs to eat and nothing much to do except haul out the trash and broken ribbons from a multitude of gifts……..

Yea…one would think that……..

Our day started out very nicely…we slept late, had a leisurely breakfast then watched the news………turned that sucker off the minute the Cheeto appeared. Nothing was going to ruin this day….right? Sam came over to share his bounty with us…he saved us two broken Christmas cookies, a few pieces of fudge and a Christmas card he had made “all by himself”.

I decided to put off doing the electrical work as I just plain wanted to relax for a change…..Sam asked what I thought I was doing “putting in electrissicals anyway” since I am a girl.

George and I read some books we’d been too busy to read instead…made a HUGE pot of navy bean and bacon soup (gotta have something besides ice cream to put in that new freezer)…..

….then the mail came.  It was after 4 pm by the time we got to it and there…what to our wondering eyes should appear?

No, it wasn’t eight tiny reindeer…it was a notification to George that he would NOT be receiving any Social Security retirement checks in January as they had originally thought…NO, he wasn’t going to get anything for the entire year!

I tried calling the Social Security Administration office but of course, they are shut down…….no one answered that blasted 800 number and the recorded voice simply stated “Most government offices are closed due to the Government shut down. Check with your local office for opening hours”.

Yea…so we basically panicked for 16 hours until our local office was to open.

We drove over this morning at 8:30 am…knowing darn well they wouldn’t open (if they were going to open) until 9…but we wanted to be first to raise holy hell should it be needed.

They did open at 8:59 (that was amazing in and of itself!), a wonderfully sweet man helped us and said “please don’t worry. I will fix this.” and HE DID.

As I was openly sobbing with relief, he grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze…..he said “I am so sorry the office scared you. Bless you and I sure hope you have a nice day”.

George asked if his department had been affected by the shut down, and he replied “yes. We are all volunteering our time.”

Isn’t it a damned shame good people are having to volunteer at their JOBS while the Cheeto still has ALL of his employees working??? He should have to do without his pilots, guards, cooks, house cleaners etc and find out how the little guys have to live! Sorry…had to snarl for a moment.

We came home and I started working on adding electrical outlets to the kitchen. (I do so want my freezer to be plugged in).  I have found that surface installation is extremely easy and anyone with half a brain can add electrical outlets where they are needed without having to hire a dude with his butt crack showing.

My freezer is now plugged in and getting cold in preparation for the six gallons of bean soup I made yesterday……..okay, that’s an exaggeration. It’s actually only 2 gallons…but still.

12 thoughts on ““electrissicals” and other annoying things…….

  1. Hugs. Thank goodness it was a false alarm, for once.

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    1. no kidding! I nearly passed out from worry this morning…


  2. And make a big plate of cookies for that awesome social security worker who is volunteers his time while his own bills rack up. The little people gotta take of each other…and get the Cheeto out come Hell or 25th Amendment before he destroys us.

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    1. I made the entire office brownies this afternoon…can’t single out ONE worker, but he got a special thanks. They honestly didn’t think they had done anything special.

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  3. No Cheeto coverage should be allowed until we have all had a chance to digest our breakfast and pray. Even then, why not just audio so that we don’t have to lay eyes on the orange rolly-polly….and I won’t tell you what I pray for. It’s not very spiritual.😁

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  4. Great that your issues were sorted out. Hope that they don’t bother you again.

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  5. Wow! I am so impressed by the lovely man at the Social Security office! It is, however, unconscionable that you had to go through that bit of panic because somewhere along the line, somebody failed to do their job properly. But then, since they are working gratis right now, we’ll all just be lucky if our checks are deposited correctly in January.

    You did a great job with the electrissicals, by the way … looks downright professional!

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    1. thanks jill. I am a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t just take the wiring straight down instead of curved…but then, I was in a hurry.

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      1. I rather liked the way it looked!

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  6. Cheeto? lol…that’s damn funny! I love your sense of humour! Baffoon that’s what I nicknamed him! or is it buffoon? xox glad you got the SSI sorted! xo

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    1. Thanks Carol Anne! It was quite a worry until it was sorted. Nothing like a scare all money would disappear at the new year!

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      1. No, indeed, nothing like it. I’m just so glad it was sorted out for you 😉

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