Just another day……..

except NOW I have to remember it’s also a new year…with a new number at the end of every letter to my friends date…….

And of course, on my birthday I will write my birth year instead of this year just to confuse the world. I do it every year without fail even though I remind myself all freaking day long what year it is.

Looking back at the last 12 months I realized yet again just how much stress, both good and bad, George and I dealt with.

We paid off the house two years early.

my yellow house

We upgraded all the electrical.

We got George a man shed for the back yard…a place for all his model making.

the shed we want to shove George into

George retired.

We painted the house outside.

poor George painting

I painted the dining room and a dining room china cupboard.


George retired.

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

George damn near died from coronary artery disease before getting a quad bypass.

George retired.

Then there was all the hoopla over the mid-term elections with me driving shut ins to vote.

There was all the hoopla of the midterm elections with me calling damn near the entire city population to ask them to vote.

There was being kicked out of my State Senator’s offices multiple times for annoying them with rational questions.

There was calling my State Senator’s offices in Washington, DC so regularly that all the interns knew the sound of my voice and called me by name the minute I opened my mouth.

George retired.

There was the 176 letters to the editors of the Washington Post and NY Times…..and 131 of them published.

I rebuilt my kitchen so I could add a freezer.

I built a sofa in a closet and added shelving to create a reading nook (which has been taken over by my Min-Pin)

and finally, George retired.

Looking back I notice there is a theme to this post…I adore my husband. He is funny, intelligent, driven to succeed at whatever he attempts. We have literally 55 years of being best friends. BUT……………

He’s about to drive me crazy.

I had a schedule. I did things around the house a certain way. I paid bills on certain days, laundry on certain days…….watched television on certain days.

NOW, George is home all the time and as much as I adore him he is just sometimes in the way..sometimes a little bit annoying with his jokes…..sometimes watching football or the damned news when I want to watch Masterpiece Theater or Dr Who.

It’s a new year though, so in my hopes I think this year George will find things to do that will move him out of my way…I can dream, can’t I?


9 thoughts on “Just another day……..

  1. A great post. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

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  2. To the shed with him!

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  3. “I can dream, can’t I?” Suze, I think you’ve got the beginning of a song in those words. 🎶🎶🎶 dreeeaaam, dream, dream, dream….when I want you and all your charms…..dreeeeaam🎶🎶🎶😍

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  4. What about you buy and install a lock on the shed’s door? You pack the shed with treats , wait for George to go in, and then lock him in for a couple of hours…. I am pretty sure that’d work. 😛

    Happy New Year, Madame Suze! I wish you health, happiness, colorful gallons of paint (I know you’ll find something to do with it!) and a certain someone kicked out of the White House.

    Muuuuuuah! *big hugs* from Freezingland!

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  5. You need to build him a nook in his shed! Seriously, I love your reading nook–so creative! Happy New Year, my friend!

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      1. For sure—safety is my middle name!

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  6. What an eventful year the two of you have had, Suze!
    May only good things be on the agenda for this coming New Year! ❤

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    1. from your mouth to God’s ears……..I hope this year is very very boring! lol

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