step one completed, now on to step two

We of a rather progressive bent have been working quietly………….well almost quietly in my case…..behind the scenes to get a blue wave through our Congress.

We almost did it…..we DID turn the House of Representatives a lovely shade of blue, but failed to get the senate.  THIS YEAR.  Most Senators will be up for reelection in 2020 and we are determined to turn the Senate blue then………

And hopefully the presidency.

Instead of spending the day yesterday watching the news and celebrating the comeback of Ms. Pelosi, a whole lot of us were on our phones…………once again calling our Senators with very specific demands.

Open the Government.

No money for an unnecessary wall.

No wall at all if they can manage to pull their heads out of the Cheeto’s nether regions.

Medicare for everyone…YES, socialized medicine. Yes there are problems with it, but far fewer than with the non-working system we now have where the INSURANCE companies determine what treatment a person receives.

Pass DACA.

Fix the immigration system.

Reinstate consumer protections.

Reinstate ecological protections and regulations.

Reunite children with their families and tear down those “concentration camps” we are storing those children in!

Some of us attended a town hall…where unfortunately BOTH our State Senators failed to appear.  It was held anyway.

Some of us simply called, tweeted, faxed, emailed those Senators.

Yesterday was a victory.

The BATTLE was waged and won, but the war is NOT over.

We have just begun.


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