being poor is a challenge…….

I’ve been poor before. Completely, totally, flat broke dirt poor and living under a bridge….so this state of semi-poorness shouldn’t be bugging me at all.


When I was down in the dumps poor I had two tiny kids…well semi-kids as they both qualified as babies at the time…and social services are seemingly set up to cater to those unwed moms of teensy tiny semi-kids.

They are not really set up for the old farts that are now attempting to use them.

For one thing, none of the lovely young women at social services realize that we older applicants may be a bit hard of hearing…but NOT every one of us. Just SOME of us. yet, all those lovely young women tend to half hollar when they see our white hair and our bifocals.

I am (un-luckily as it turned out) NOT hard of hearing. I can hear George open a cookie wrapper from the living room when my spouse is in his backyard shed!…with all the doors and windows closed and the TV on.

We walked into social services and were faced with a dozen ratty chairs and a single reception area with two open windows.  Three young ladies were seated behind those two windows, and a stack of clip boards were piled up between the windows on a counter.

I stated we were there to apply for medical assistance until our medicare kicks in……. the young woman in the middle shouted “good morning”. I stated my business yet again (in a normal tone of voice).

Again, a young thing practically shouted at me. I said (very nicely and quietly) that I was not hard of hearing. Of course, she either didn’t listen or thought I was simply being polite and totally ignored me to yell “how may I assist you madam?” (I had already told her twice how she could assist me)

I said “first, you can stop calling me madam. I am not now, nor have ever BEEN a lady of the evening”.

She handed me an application when she finally heard what I wanted……….47 pages front and back……….

Now the vast majority of those pages were the consequences of lying to the state about your financial services.  This many years in prison for saying you are hungry if your last meal was within 48 hours sort of junk. There were additional pages where you promised to hand over your firstborn as collateral in case the state paid you too much in any one month….

George and I filled out all those pages and signed………then I tried to hand the packet back to the hard of listening receptionist.

By this point, she was sitting in front of the left window. She said “you can’t hand that in at this window. Take it over there please” and vaguely motioned to her left (my right).  I looked right…yes, at the window…and moved over two steps to stand in front of it. Once again I held up the papers and stated I would like to turn these in now.

The young lady ROLLED HER OFFICE CHAIR OVER to the window and said “I can take those for you”.

It was like a Monty Python act.

I handed over the papers and asked for an appointment.  The young lady said “You can’t do that here. Move along to the other window please”

As I took another two steps, this time to my left, she rolled her office chair to the first window and said “how can I help you”.

George would not allow me to slap her silly and we have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

He has also hidden my canes as he wants “no bloodshed” tomorrow.



12 thoughts on “being poor is a challenge…….

  1. Good luck. The bloody red tape can strangle you…….. unless you can get to the strangler first.

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  2. Yes, good luck with that Suze, bureaucracy at it’s absolute worst! The amount of times l have wanted to boff these people silly … well l have lost count now!

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  3. That was definitely a “you can’t make this shit up” kind of day!

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  4. God grant me the serenity… does that dang prayer go? 😁❤

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    1. ikr? I found myself starting that one over and over again!

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  5. It would be too funny if it weren’t so annoying and aggravating.

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  6. I’m guessing you live in America, all I can say is after the farce you endured in the office it is extremely lucky you are not like many of your countrymen and armed to the teeth, for I fear this encounter could have ended in tears.

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    1. i am one of those odd people who consider the second amendment (right to keep and bear arms) to be completely misunderstood. It is for a militia..and since i am too old to BE in a militia I do not own a weapon. well except my kitchen knives…or perhaps my sewing scissors. Yes, not only am I in the USA but I am smack dab in the middle of it in Oklahoma…home of gun toters and morons……sigh

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  7. this shit is damn funny but, not to you I know! Oh boy but, ya just couldn’t make it up! 😛

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  8. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this–it’s something we don’t experience in Canada with our healthcare system. The bureaucracy sounds absurd like Monty Python as you accurately said.

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    1. well, if we can possibly manage to get a democratic congress net year we shall be looking into medicare for all………..and no more bureaucratic crap!

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  9. Reminds me of the time last year when I patiently filled out all the questions on the website, like everybody else in the room — even documenting how much I have in my meager IRA — only to click the button at the end to no avail. The lovely lady who was there to assist people looked over my application and fiddled with some clicky things. It finally dawned on her that I was 60 years old. She told me that because of my age, I could not file online. I had to fill out all the information all over again on this thick sheaf of pink pages despite some of the fields being too narrow for my big handwriting. GASP! In Baltimore people 60 and over are not supposed to be able to use computers. I made my living using computers! WHAT IDIOCY!!!!

    Lots o’ love from the city that shuts down with 2 inches of snow.

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