oh the joys of dealing with the govt

George is a Veteran.  He put in almost 20 years of his life in the service of our country. He is applying for his earned benefits…and has been pre-approved for medical.

Now the fun begins.

He received his eligibility packet (booklet) and his Champus insurance card (pays when you are more than 40 miles away from the nearest facility).

But, he can’t use the Champus until he sees a VA doc. So (of course) he called the VA Hospital to make an appointment.

Seven phone numbers later he was connected to an “eligibility coordinator”…who said “you’ve been determined eligible if you received a booklet”, and now he needs to make an appointment.

And the government is still closed.

And the VA was the first department hit in the shut down.

So, after going through phone transfer after phone transfer, sixteen total, he finally was talking to a HUMAN that could set an appointment up for him.

EXCEPT…………the government is shut down. And they may or may not be able to get him an appointment….in the next year depending upon when the government reopens.

And he is post-open-heart-surgery. By only about six weeks.

The good news…his cardiologist is covered for Champus…..the bad news…. he has to see a VA doctor before Champus will authorize him seeing his cardiologist.

The good news….he can get a VA appointment….the bad news….while there is a human capable of making his appointment, the computers are not currently turned on due to the government shut down. 

And the President is flitting off to another southern state for yet another “I’m so wonderful and smart with a bigly brain fest”.

And McConnell is nowhere to be found…………

And it is all (eye-rolling) the “Democrats fault”.

I realize this is just a “minor” frustration in the greater scheme of things.

People are at work without pay. People are furloughed and told to have a “yard sale”. People are being kicked out of their homes, losing their cars to repossession, being denied medical care……

But it hit home for us this morning….and I fear it will hit a LOT of others at home before it is all over.


15 thoughts on “oh the joys of dealing with the govt

  1. This is beyond anything.

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  2. God this must be such a worry, is there any sign of it breaking?

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    1. not yet. The senate leader (mr. mcconnell) could stop it in an instant but has sucked himself so far up the president’s nether regions his brain no longer functions…and the cheeto is such a complete idiot, he thinks a shut down is a good thing.

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      1. How can a shut down be a good thing??

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      2. well, in the cheeto’s eyes, it makes him super-duper special cause it was all his idea..it destroys the economy and that gives the cheeto more stuff to blame on Mr Obama……and he thinks it will get him an un-necessary wall. iow…not a damned thing is good about it


      3. Who’s the Cheeto? This wall seems a nonsense… I gather the border gene was reinforced in Obama’s time started before he did…


      4. oh sorry. President trump is “fondly” known as the cheeto. lol no, the wall nonsense was all trump. he just blames mr. obama for everything.


      5. Ah I see it all now… Yes I can see the blame game.

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  3. Mad………… and Trump is.

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  4. I’ve been sitting here at my computer trying to compose a comment. I can’t. I am beyond angry and disgusted with trump and his BS. Hang tight.

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    1. we’re hanging in there….and figure I can just drive my adored down to OKC and sit all damned day while they figure out how to get all his info and make an appointment without the use of computers. A bag lunch, some good books, and a few dozen valium should see us through.

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  5. Terrible. Every Republican who goes along with this freak show should be voted out. I wish people would have a spine!

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  6. This is making America great again?

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    1. yup..ain’t it fun? sigh

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