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Barbara at Teleportingweena went and nominated ME…yea, I know, I know…I can’t write fiction for crap….but she did it anyway. Oh wait. I didn’t say WHAT she nominated me for, did I?

Okay, okay..let me go look. Yes, I forgot what it was…it’s been a rough week.

Oh…well that makes sense……’s the “Tell a story Challenge“. No, I’d never heard of it either until Barb did this………let me find the person who bonked her  nominated her and you can check out the rules and stuff. I don;t have time.

The Rules: I’m to take the photo she chose to write something about it, then tag 3 others. Hummmmmmmmmm, okaay. the photo…..hang on.

photo by Jarmoluk on Pixabay

Looking towards retirement in a few years, we were anxious to move to an acreage in the country. WE WERE BLIND. All we could see was open fields and a ‘blank canvas’ to paint our own picture. Being in a rural area, this house is heated with propane (everyone has their own tank in their yard). The day we took possession, we drove to our new acreage—it was SO cold in the house—the propane tank was empty! Tack on another $400!

The two-stall garage, with ‘lean to’ was painted hot pink inside—wonder why we didn’t see that when we looked earlier! There was only one overhead door, the other stall was just open. One evening after I came home and put my small station wagon in the garage, I pulled down the garage door—it fell off the tracks, flat onto the roof of my car!

We pulled up all the carpets and removed heat registers and cold air return registers to clean—found dead mice, baby bottles with solid-green stuff, a quarter pound of margarine, toys, phone book—but, alas, no money! How I wish there were money!

The first rain gave us a small lake right in the middle of the driveway! The second bedroom had one window pane made of a Gateway computer box—but, it was caulked so I figured it would work out for a while..after all window glass is expensive ya know!

In the five years since that purchase, we have put on a new roof, new windows, doors (all exterior, including storm doors and interior doors), totally new kitchen from floor to ceiling, including cupboards, all new plumbing, wiring, water lines, furnace, well, bathroom fixtures, new insulation (after tearing off all drywall – exposing water-logged 2″x4″s and insulation, and ‘mouse runs’ in the insulation), new drywall… We should have had the house bulldozed and started anew!
No wonder our contractor had such a hissy fit upon seeing the house for the first time!
We currently have the cement block walls and poured concrete floor in the basement, the studs and the roof joists—those being the only original parts of the house left! What a nightmare – and, as I said, we were just a few years shy of retirement—so we are old enough to know better. We will never be able to tell our kids to ‘sleep on it’ or ‘think about it’—not after what WE bought!
If we hadn’t spent so much time and money on this pit, we’d just abandon the entire thing and go live in our car……….at least the heater works in the car.
Three nominees………oh heck, chose yourself. You all knw if you can write fiction or not……..and here is a new picture for you to use!


7 thoughts on “Tell a Story Challenge

  1. You can write sooz! I liked that! A lot!

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  2. Hmmmm, me thinks you spoke a tiny bit from experience on that one! Good job, very entertaining. 😉

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    1. yea, there’s just a touch of truth in there! lol

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  3. Been there, done that, lost a fortune. Ho hum.
    Good post.

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  4. Wonderful story! Thanks for playing along, Suze!
    That place was certainly a fixer upper and after all the improvements they did, hopefully they can live out their retirement in comfort…and no more big problems costing big money from now on. 🙂

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