Story challenge stolen from Fandango……..

Fandango was tagged in a story challenge by Ursula.…and he was SUPPOSED to nominate 3 to do the same with a new photo…but did he? NOPE. Much like me, he hates to nominate anyone (don’t expect me to nominate anyone at the end of this either)……..

In any event. you are given a picture. then you write a story about it…here goes!

Austin Poon at


Work was almost done for the day, and Cyranny could not be more excited.  Everyday had been the same old same old for so long. Go to work, be bored beyond belief, answer people’s questions on the silly computer program the boss had devised to make each employee’s life hell, then go home to a cat and a TV dinner.

“At least”, she thought, “I have a cat that loves me. Freya almost makes up for no vacation this year.Oh how I wish I were on a plane right now”.

You see, Cyranny had an abiding love.  A love so strong and so sure that it would never depart……but it was thousands of miles away. Far away from the daily grind of a job going nowhere………..

She took one last look at her dream before shutting down her computer for the night…….a landscape of dreams. A land of delights…..

Someday, Denmark.



and the new picture for anyone that wishes to swipe this challenge is…..(drum rolls!)_

Ribe river viking ship, Denmark

8 thoughts on “Story challenge stolen from Fandango……..

  1. Well done. And I’m sure Cyranny will love it!

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      1. Thanks! I’m so pleased.

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  2. awe! lovely story! cyranny will be tickled!

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  3. And you got Freya in there as well!

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    1. well yea…have to name the goddess after all! lol

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