more informed but less sane………

was a comment I read on another blog this morning.  It just smacked me “upside the head’ as my gramma used to say.

That’s exactly how I feel most nights now.

I tend to watch too much “news”. I will watch the Faux news to see what they are see the slant the President will choose for the next twitter rant or policy change. I watch BBC and Al Jazeera when I can…which is usually every blasted night now. But my main news source is MSNBC and Rachel Maddow……….or Lawrence O’Donnell.

They seem to present the most unbiased news stories…granted they can both go off on Le Prez but they do so with humor or a slightly befuddled expression…………..

I think though, that while I stay informed about world events, it is perhaps making me just a little bit crazier.

I think awful thoughts, generally directed at Le Prez, that would make a sailor blush. I damned near fantasize horrible punishments for this supposed leader…AND his family!

In another life, had I met someone who did the same I would think they were crazy!

I am taking a break from the “news”…so that means I have to stop reading a dozen or more blogs as well as turn off the television.

So, if you write political stuff, or general news stuff, I am on reading hiatus….and my comments will disappear for a bit.

I have to locate my mind again, dust it off and learn kindness once more. This may actually take a while.

5 thoughts on “more informed but less sane………

  1. My motto, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!

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  2. “By Jove, I think she’s got it.” Suze, I’m putting together a post as we speak about this. You may find it interesting.

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  3. I’ve been tiptoeing around Facebook for the past few weeks and avoiding all news. That pesky NPR top of the hour update manages to sneak some in, however. Don’t know why I listen at all… I only want to hear the happy stuff anyhow: weddings, babies (in that order, please), and awards. Happy news. I’ll cop to being shallow if it’s the alternative to the gloom and doom I can’t do anything about.

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  4. It does become a little overwhelming at times, doesn’t it? I’ve had to do the same.

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  5. Rachel Maddow and my brother were roommates at Oxford for a couple of years–he has tremendous respect for her. I find I’m much happier when I avoid the news, whenever possible!

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