feeling blah

Some days are easier than others…for the past couple of weeks each day has been difficult in one way or another.

From just plain frustration with dealing with government offices and employees, to being vaguely ill and seemingly attempting to become violently ill….I am sick of it all.

I haven’t felt like blogging……or cooking……..or cleaning……I haven’t even felt up to crafting (and I tend to adore crafting!)

The danged weather hasn’t helped at all either…violent ice storms to warm and sunny weather…..then a return to extreme cold and violent breezes. Yea, welcome to the plains states, Suze.

It surely does not help that I have seasonal allergies that attack with the first frost….and carry on until Spring actually warms the planet.

George continues to improve physically and that is a blessing.  His appetite is better, he has more energy…which brings about more silliness on his part. Silly jokes, silly MST3000 on his tv……..and I hate silly jokes and can not abide MST3000……

He was finally approved for veteran’s benefits with a first doctor’s appointment scheduled for February…….and with our luck it will be snowing that day. The clinic is all of 112 miles from home….of course it is. The clinic here in town (all of three miles away) has a full compliment of patients…………so off we shall trek.

So, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much……..but I just don’t feel up to doing much of anything.

9 thoughts on “feeling blah

  1. We are missing you.

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  2. Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. Be kind to yourself, Suze. Sounds to me like you need to be adding kale juice to your diet every day. It’ll fix up whatever is ailing you. EEEEEEEEHAW (Love ya)

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    1. omg…can I exchange that kale juice for apricot necter instead please? lol

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  4. Sorry you don’t feel well, I understand. I hope you feel better soon, eat some comfort food, drink a glass of wine, do whatever it is that comforts you and you may start to slowly feel better. You can’t control everything, just try to relax. 😊

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  5. No need to apologize for doing what you gotta do. We all feel blah every once in a while and slowing down it taking some time off to recharge may just be the ticket. Feel better.

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  6. As Gilda Radner said, “It’s always something!” You hang in there. You could be in Polar Vortex!!! 😍

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  7. Handle your business Suze!!!! I’ll still be here, no worries girl.

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