I was wondering……..

How many of us “go shopping” when we feel like crap?  I don’t mean to go to a physical store…I don’t know about you but if I feel crappy it is straight to a comfy chair or back to bed, NOT out gallivanting.

But how many go online to different “stores” and just wander through the offerings and thinking “I could get this or that” to cheer ourselves up?

How many of us have a debit or credit card that we think “oh I could get this, I still have money in the bank” or “the bill doesn’t come in for a month and I’ll have the funds then”…….or anything similar to justify a purchase you neither need nor truly want?

Well, if you read my last post you know I have been “under the weather”….using a LOT of colloquialisms today aren’t I?…and so, I went shopping online.

Now George and I have everything we need already.  Lord knows I don’t need a new rug for the bath, or a spoon for the kitchen…….but something caught my eye and I thought “that would make life so much nicer in the winter”.

I had no intention of ordering anything and went off to other “stores’ to see their offerings…………and kept coming back to this one item.

It wasn’t expensive at all and I started thinking “we can afford this easily” and “it’s simply a luxury item and it’s been so LONG since I indulged myself”.

I should have recognized that I was in trouble at that point…but George was taking a nap and the dogs were outside barking at squirrels..and my friend was nowhere to be found to convince me NOT to order this………….

I rather desperately got up, went into the kitchen to fix a snack in an effort NOT to impulsively make a purchase……..

I wandered around the kitchen going cupboard to cupboard, looking vainly for something…ANYTHING……to take my mind off this item.

After a quick trip to the bathroom for a rather urgent matter (I have been sick, I TOLD you so) I returned determined to buy it.

It should be here by Friday, and honestly I can barely wait.

What?  You really want to know what the Heck I am talking about? Are you sure?  Okay then.

Just imagine this in a pretty sage green then.


13 thoughts on “I was wondering……..

  1. OKaayyyyyy…….. whatever floats your boat or takes your fancy (I’d probably pick blue rather than green if I were that way inclined).
    We once stayed in a B&B which had plastic fish in the toilet seat and when you sat on it, it deflated a little! Very unnerving, sort of memory foam for your bum.

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    1. LOL………..we have no heat in our bathroom at all, and the temps are below freezing. I see it as an absolute necessity at this point!

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  2. Okay, this would be the last thing I would have imagined. But a treat is a treat. Don’t feel bad about buying it. 👍😃

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  3. Pretty! I like the pink actually 😀

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    1. i did too…but pink would never go with the other stuff in that bath!


  4. Oh, I’ve been dreaming of a heated toilet seat! I say, good for you!!

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    1. if I had an electrical outlet in this bathroom, you can bet (and win that bet) that a HEATED toilet seat would be installed!

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  5. oh no you didn’t, omg!!! i so have to be around more!!!

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    1. yes, yes I did too! George is still laughing about it!


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