handicapped? not yet….but

More than likely, this will be the last year that George and I will receive an income tax refund…since we are both on Social Security retirement and neither of us can hold a job, we won’t have discretionary income like before.

Every year, we have filed early, got a small refund and done some repairs on either house or vehicle……..this year will be no different.

This year though will be the largest home improvement I’ve ever done.

I am going to tear out the 1920’s bathtub, rebuild the sub floor and put in new flooring, then put in a shower.

In the space that half the tub used to take up, I am going to build either shelves or a cupboard for storage.

I want to take out the sink and under-cupboard as well and replace it with a handicapped access sink….

We are also going to open up several doorways and replace the bathroom door….well, assuming we have enough money to do so.  The doorways will be widened for sure. I actually downloaded the ADA requirements and a plan.

I just don’t know if we will have enough for the pocket door I wish to get……heck a curtain will do in the meantime.

I replaced a shower once with a clawfoot tub, but have never replaced a tub with a smaller shower. This should be interesting.

I can see the wheels turning in some of your minds ya know…I can almost hear you all saying “But, Suze..neither you or George are in a wheelchair”…

Well, you are correct. Neither one of us needs a wheelchair…yet. I am just one good fall away from a wheelchair.  I’ve been wandering around with two crushed discs in my lower back for the past 12 years or so…my spine gets “pinched” if I move incorrectly just standing up…..and then I am stuck in bed for a month waiting for the spinal swelling to go down enough for me to sit up. I frankly need disc replacement and spinal fusion but refuse to even attempt the surgery until Medicare kicks in…and then, I still can’t see me going through any surgery.

So it really isn’t outside the bounds of reality to have handicapped access to the different areas in the house.

The floors need replacing too, but that’s a matter of getting sheets of ply and simply screwing them down and painting…and can be done a bit at a time.  The shower though is a huge expense….so it has to be this year or never.

I do realize I am a bit “odd” when it comes to making changes wayyyyyyy before they are ever needed. I also realize that I am a clutz………and I would much rather be prepared than not.

So, get ready for this ya’ll…because I will for sure be sticking in pictures of the entire process……and thank goodness my neighbor, Lee, will be available to assist in yanking stuff out and hauling it all away.



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  1. Make sure you sell the 1920’s bathtub and the taps if they are any good, reclamation is very popular nowadays.

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    1. oh the tub already has a buyer..the taps are replacements from the 70’s and just crap. They shall go to the recycle shop.

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      1. Glad the tubs going to a good home.

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  2. Just a thought, can you get a grant to help with the expense?

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    1. nope. already looked into it. we have received a grant to replace the roof this summer though. and I am trying for one to get central heat and air.

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  3. From someone having been there and done that, it is much better to look to the possible future and make changes now rather than to wait until those changes are needed to be done… here I make ongoing changes ( most of them minor at this time) in my life and lifestyle as I speak, looking ahead as to what the future may bring…. 🙂

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  4. You know how I feel about this, Suze. “Y’all need something like this to keep you out of trouble and off the streets.” EEEEEEHAW

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    1. yea………..I got a LONG letter from James Lankford, the idiot child from Oklahoma that tries to walk a center line in the Senate and fails consistently to do ANYTHING because of it….asking me to please put my energy into more appropriate things instead of equal rights for those “poor gay people”, or rational gun laws because as we all know “guns just make us safer, criminals are in every state now, even ours”. no, really? So, of course, I called our local move on org and have set a new meeting to discuss his missive in depth. Maybe we can embarrass the jackass enough he will resign. lol trouble? MOI?

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      1. He really said that? those poor gay people?

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      2. yup……I am so gonna get him for it too

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      3. oooooh, ya got me and Gabby riled again. It’s war

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  5. I know you are talented Suze, just don’t hurt yourself and end up needing a wheelchair before your time! Good thinking ahead though. 🙂

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    1. yea, no kidding! Lee is on stand by to help me move the danged thing.

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