Say what????

WordPress, for some unknown reason, sent me a notice today. Congratulations!

Suziland Too or Obsolete Childhood has 223 Followers!

And my very first reaction to it was………..

What the hell is WRONG with all of you people?  There are good blogs out there to follow! Why me?

I blather!

I babble!

I rant and rave and mumble and misspell and leave off punctuation and add too many dots to damned near every sentence!

What are you thinking?

Of course, I CAN rant very well when I put my mind to it…….

I do tend to share any and every thought that pops into my mind………

I can even write limericks!

Okay….you are here for the limericks. Now that actually makes some sense.


There once was a blogger named Suze………


who went on an incredible cruise………..

she heard others blather,

all saying they’d much rather

be on any other cruise without Suze!


See? Not a great one, but not totally awful either. Yea, okay….I can see following me around for that.


Thanks guys……..

16 thoughts on “Say what????

  1. We may not always agree on every subject, but you are still one of my favorite bloggers and I’m proud to be a follower. What makes America great is, just like the tv, I can choose which posts to read or not and so can you! 🙂

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  2. Now you know why Gabby and I follow you.
    “There once was man from Nantucket, went to town for some bacon, ran off the road, got stuck in the snow and said******”
    C’mon now y”all, don’t read between the lines. He said, “who’s got my bucket?”

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    1. I was about to answer “It’s under that tree!@” lol

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  3. Shenanigans… What’s not to like about you, Lady? You are full of wits and dang funny, and I am surprised you don’t have more readers! People are silly!

    Love ya!! xx

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  4. All your dots are connecting to all of us, my dear. Congratulations!!!

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  5. You’re a nerd!!!! I love it!


  6. It’s a pleasure to follow your blog. 😻

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      1. You’re welcome!


  7. I used to read Playboy . . . [dots] for the articles. Now that is gone, among other things (like HMH). So now I read Suze, Suziland, and–well, others . . . [dots] for the comments, limericks, and all other kinds of great pleasures. Thanks…

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    1. thank YOU. I used to read playboy as well…lol..and not always for the articles either.

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