the Tell a Story Challenge……

This commercial is brought to you by Di of Pensitivity101.  Oh wait! This is not a commercial…sorry about that. It is though a challenge for people such as I….did ya like that? sounded quite erudite, did it not? Sounds British to tell the truth….how odd that I am starting a challenge this way. Or is it? okay, enough nonsense…on to the challenge.

So, Basically…you are given a picture…like this one.

You then make up a story about the picture.then you send a NEW picture off to three people and challenge them to do the same. See?

That’s the picture Di sent to me……….so……The Zen of Frogdom

Zen master Rana wished the young spawn would actually Listen for once without questioning the lessons he needed them to learn.  They would never manage to learn to live a zen life if they didn’t change…. he thought maybe it was HE that needed a lesson instead of the spawn…Maybe that was why they would not learn, because HE had not yet learned.

He assumed the position for intensive teaching and began….

“Do one thing at a time”, he said while stretching out one leg.

“Do it slowly and deliberately”

“Do it completely”, he said as his leg stretched to it’s full straight length. …

“Do less” as he leaned over to place his arm upon his knee.

“Devote time to sitting”

The klaxon sounded at that point and all 11287 spawn all leaped for the pond at once.

“They will never learn” Rana thought..

Suddenly Rana found himself in the palm of a six year old boy who squealed “Dad, Look what I got! A Frog!”


So, I hereby challenge the following peeps to do this too…

Rory A Guy Called Bloke

Sparky Sparksfromacombustiblemind 

Tessa of Tessacandoit 

I hope they take up the challenge…I really want to read whatever they come up with…and a picture for them?  Here ya go!

Suze Hartline

7 thoughts on “the Tell a Story Challenge……

  1. Love it Suze. Thanks for taking it up. 🙂

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    1. just something about that pose……….lol


  2. That’s My Bag

    That’s my bag, looks like a comfy spot
    Gonna climb in, curl up, get warm, and sleep a lot!
    That’s my bag, go get your own!
    Suze says back off, now where oh where is my bone?

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  3. A very fun story, Suze! Thanks!

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  4. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! 😊


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