a month into retirement……….

It’s been a month and a half since my sweet hubby had his heart surgery…and he has done exceptionally well in his early recovery. I am so very grateful for it too.

He’s back to light exercise each day; he’s eating well and sleeping well for the first time in years……he’s laughing a LOT.  He seems to have shucked off the constant worry about money and work….never enough of one and too much of the other were wearing him down.

We had “planned” for his retirement next year, and knew he would have to remain busy with social pursuits so he didn’t feel useless after working for so many years. And he has started doing things. He’s returned to his “loves”…his modelling group, his RR enthusiasts club………..he’s seeming to truly enjoy his retirement.

Now, if he doesn’t get out of my house on a more frequent basis I am liable to kill him!

He’s a slob! Yes, he is too. You’d think a registered nurse would be concerned about things like health and safety………….but no. He leaves his shoes (size 13 thank you very much) all over the house…just wherever he takes them off.

He leaves clothes on the floor just inside the bedroom door so i trip on them daily. (We have two spaces to put dirty clothes). He leaves his books and magazines all over the place. usually on the floor next to a chair of sofa, leaning up against whatever piece of furniture it is where I can trip on them or knock them over onto my bare feet.



He leaves his luncheon or dinner plate on the floor, the desk, next to the computer, on a table in the living room….This makes it easier for the dogs …or CAT…to lick the plates clean I suppose.

Have I mentioned I hate it with great passion to see an animal lick one of our dinner plates?

I adore him. Don’t get me wrong…but I seriously am considering spouce-icide…..

He’s going to be volunteering at his old job soon (one can only hope it is VERY soon). he’s filled out all the paperwork, gone to the volunteer classes, had his fingerprints taken (yes again) and we are just waiting for a schedule to be posted. I am pretty sure the only thing keeping me from smacking him upside his noggin is the hope he will be busier soon and out of my house!

I used to wish for the day when he would retire and we’d have time to spend together……I must have been insane.






12 thoughts on “a month into retirement……….

  1. Yes, been there and done that! Not killing but wishing him out of the house. Now things are better as he has gotten another job, less taxing.

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    1. George starts volunteering three times a week in two weeks….I can hardly wait!

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      1. I know the feeling! 🤣

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  2. We love our guys to pieces, but oh boy, do they get in the way or leave things lying around!

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  3. Is he a hoarder like Ken? That’s my biggest fear–that with more time on his hands, he’ll just start keeping more crap!

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    1. He is quite easily described as a hoarder..of models in ancient boxes, books, magazines from the late 1950’s on about models, planes, tanks, and the military (anyone’s military really), old paint jars where the paint has dried…………shoes, shirts and the ugliest pants mankind ever constructed. He drives me crazy. I, who have a kindle, so I dont have to save books,

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      1. Models in ancient boxes—my attic is full of them!!

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  4. Always hustling, gosh, I can’t wait until it is our time to retire and hopefully spend time together.

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  5. Ahhhhh. thanks Suze. Makes my spouse sound like a neat freak.

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    1. so very glad I could help with that Larry! roflmao

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