It has begun…………

The great bathroom makeover has begun.

We got in our income tax returns and I immediately ordered a four-part shower in a box, a new sink and cabinet, plus a narrow shelving system to go into the bath.

THAT order arrived today…well, it arrived at the local Giant hardware store in town and we all went to pick them up. “We all” was comprised of myself, George (the hubby), Angie (BFF) and her hubby, Garry. The guys took my truck and Angie and I went in her van.  We wanted to go to Wally World for some small items after we picked up the shower…and knowing each of the men would wander away never to be seen again should we allow them access to Wally World, we thought two vehicles was the way to go.

We got the shower and shelves quite quickly and the men drove to the back warehouse of the store to have them packed into the back of the truck. Angie and I got the sink and cabinet, brought it up front, paid and then loaded it into the van. We waited for ten minutes then decided to see if the men were still at the warehouse………and they were………..and it seems they had built a wooden platform upon which to stand up the shower in the back of the truck…where the Oklahoma wind was making an attempt to bend the shower set in half.

Angie cut off their escape and I got out of the van…..walked to the truck and said “NO!”.  George immediately parked (smart, smart man!) and I untied the shower…….got the wooden thing out of the bed, laid the shower flat and said  “OK, you can take it home now”. BOTH men said “But, Suze..the box says stand upright”……and I pointed out the fine print…”when in bin”. Since we don’t HAVE a bin, we don’t need to stand it up so it breaks and I have to find another 298.00!” The conceded the point and started for home.

Amazingly it arrived home in perfect condition.

Ang and I finished up at Wally World in less than 15 minutes and arrived home…to find that Lee (my lovely next-door neighbor/handyman) had already pulled the tub out of the bathroom.

And, left me a note..”Mrs. Suze, There’s a hole in the floor. Do not step in it. Do not try to fix it. I will fix it tomorrow morning before I put the shower in for you. Do NOT argue or Mom said she will get mad”……….so I am quite happily leaving all the hard work to Lee.

And, Just to show what the mess looks like now………


7 thoughts on “It has begun…………

  1. May the construction gods be with you!

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  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Good luck and mind that man!

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  3. How very lucky you are to have a neighbor like Lee! Enjoy your new bathroom!

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  4. Hope all goes well with your new adventure and don’t overdo… 🙂 have a Happy Valentines day and may the day and every day be all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

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  5. Well good luck with that. When there is construction work to be done, as much as l want to help – Suze kicks me out and invites Scrappy in!!

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