I need a hard hat.

I am pretty sure I have earned one of my very own over the last two days. Good golly, it’s ONLY been 2 days!

I left off last night with the floor gaping open and a wall halfway removed……

The wall is now completely removed and the floor is repaired.

No, it doesn’t look pretty, but it is stable and doesn’t sink down six inches when I stand on it.

I am all about re-purposing/refinishing/restoring and remodeling…at the very least amount of money I can get away with safely. The floor is two left over pieces of a desk that I built out of an old dining room cupboard…. hey! They work and that is what is important here.

you can see the shower base standing upright against the wall…and the “new” hole leading to the drain under the flooring. Next step is to clear all dust and mop down the floor so I can dump this self-leveling goop on it…………and NO, I still can’t remember what it is called and I am frankly too damned tired to get up and go look just so I can tell you something you really don’t care about! In any event..after the goop dries and “cures” (it must be ill) I can put down my pretend hardwood sticky tiles over it…..well over the part that doesn’t go under the shower base.

The next job (before dumping goop) was to re-plaster the walls.

Lee was taking a much deserved break as he spent all morning either sawing old wood for me, or banging in new support beams while lying in dirt under the house…or moving the hot water intake under the house……..and it is only 22 degrees outside. That is Fahrenheit for those overseas……

Remember this?


Yeah, it’s gone. This is what it looks like now…….

What do you think? It isn’t truly smooth, but then nothing else is smooth in this blasted bathroom so I don’t think it truly matters.

So, Now I wait…for floor goop drying and plaster drying………..then I can paint the blasted bathroom…..then I can put in the blasted shower….then I can connect the sink to the wall……then I can finish the floors by inserting the sticky tiles………..

Hopefully…………………yea I know, I know……………everything else will run smoothly and the bath will be finished in a few days.

But, I am not holding my breath. Besides, if I were to even attempt holding it, I would have to catch it first!


2 thoughts on “I need a hard hat.

  1. Oh my! Your so busy! I’m sorry there were hiccups. But not to worry it’ll be done soon enough. And you can enjoy the new bathroom then!

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  2. Great improvement. It must be exciting to bring something into existence and beautify the whole bathroom.

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