one thing after another……..

As with all our repairs or upgrades in this 100+ year old house, we discovered that changing out a tub for a shower is not as easy as yank and replace.

Out came the tub, and we discovered this…….

floor and wall where tub was

yes, that is a gaping hole in the lower wall and floor…so that meant repair the floor and wall before shoving a shower into the space…..

which meant grabbing a saw and clearing out some rotten boards and sheet rock… It was really fascinating to see how houses were built back at the turn of the 20th century…batten boards over 2×4’s then plaster applied to create a complete wall…..we found bits of horsehair in the real insulation except some old newspapers to speak of though. No wonder that wall was cold all winter! Frankly I am amazed we didn’t have more frozen pipes that what we had over the past few years.

We got all the detritus cleared out and started tearing out the rotten boards……and found two support beams had so much water damage to them they had to be replaced.  The wall wasn’t even attached to the flooring anymore!

After we tore it all up, we removed some of the laminate tiles from the edges where the tub used to be and cut out the bad flooring. It wasn’t as awful as I had thought it would be.  Only a 3 foot by 4 foot section of flooring and supports had to be fixed.

cabinet/sink space

Once that was done, we pulled out the old sink and cabinet, swept it out and put the new cab in place.

I decided the wall between the old tub and the cabinet had to go…then decided to take out half of it and see how it would look with a partial wall….I liked it so will be putting sheet rock on the open side and finishing it off. 

Once again we swept up all the destruction debris, but then I was too tired to even think about doing any more…

For such a little “remodel” this is turning into a HUGE job!

So, today, I am off to the builder’s supply to get some sheet rock, insulation, paint and floor leveling goop. Dunno what it is called actually, just know what it does………then back to the tiny room that has taken over my life!

14 thoughts on “one thing after another……..

  1. Well, pilgrim, it’s keeping ya off the streets and out of trouble. EEEEEEEEHAW

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    1. golly…my congressman is going to forget who I am! roflmao

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  2. Welcome to remodeling. Been there, done that. Just count on having to do double the work and double the cost when doing any fix around the house. Ours is 115 years old, and you wouldn’t believe the clusterfucks we’ve found under floors and behind walls. 😜

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    1. well, we found an electrical cord (a live one) under the living room rug that was attached to nothing on one end….a phone cable that ran from the living room to the bedroom but was NOT attached to any phone connection box…five extension cords stuck together and buried in the back end plugged into the wall socket and the other end sticking up inside a barn that was falling down. Yea, the joys of old houses! lol

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      1. Yep. Never a dull moment, huh? 😃😃

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  3. Domino effect my friend. A simple job is usually anything but!

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    1. ya know…I do know this. I have had two (yes, I am insane) “fixer-uppers” over the last 20 years………but in my defense…BOTH of those were site built in the 1970’s! I found the plans behind the plaster in this room for the original house…and this room wasn’t even in there!


      1. The cottage was built in 1847, no foundations and solid walls. Leaks in the roof were ‘repaired’ with argos catalogues and towels, and skirting boards propped up against the walls and held in place by the furniture as no-one thought to use no more nails glue when the nails bent! Never had a real fixer upper though, but any property we lived in was always in a better state of repair when we sold it.

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      2. I found a newspaper clipping from 1922 in the wall…and a bent and mouldy valentine from the 1940s under the flooring! OH MY!


      3. My Mum was born in 1922, and that Valentine might be worth a few bob!

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  4. We’ve live in our own version of your hell for the last 40 years. Lovely home but always a challenge when doing any up grades. We came to the realization many years ago that whenever considering a project we must factor in the Mushroom Factor. That is to, at the very least, multiply your projected time and estimated costs by at least 3. Every project we’ve ever undertaken in this c.1905 Dutch colonial has mushroomed our of control much like a bomb going off and creating much more work (and costs) than anticipated. That being said.. I love this place and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Keep plugging along.

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    1. Even with the damaged floor to repair, and lighting fixtures to replace…we are coming in under-budget……..most “jobs’ around here have that exploding mushroom effect. This one (knocking like mad on wood) has not exploded anything but the timeline. The entire thing is costing less than $1000.00 and that is with new subfloors and support beams. What saves me so much is using re-purposed materials whenever I can, using the services of our handyman next door (who refuses to charge us so I end up paying his mother) and the fact that I adore The Habitat resale store. the sink was less than 30.00, the shower was less than $300.00. Flooring was .30 sq ft, paint was 12.00 a gallon…and the ceiling light was only 13.00! Everything was in the original packaging and never used too. LOVE IT!


      1. I’m totally jealous. Good job sourcing those budget items.

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