Rory’s “quickie”

Rory has once again sent us a “quickie”….now get your mind\s out of the gutter and pay attention…….just a few questions that he wants answers to…this time seems to be about some sort of branding.

Not cattle branding! sheesh! Rory’s questions are a pretty color, and my answers (while semi-interesting) are not.

Which you prefer? [Stuff]

An item that is plain coloured?  

An item that has a design?   

An item that has a pattern?  

An item that carries a slogan?

I can’t abide things with slogans printed on them unless it says “Trump is an idiot’ or “Trump needs to be impeached”. I love patterns and colours…..plain just doesn’t work for me.

What influences your buying decisions? [Stuff]

Trend of the time?

Recommendations/Reviews to items?

Personal or emotional preference?

Social Media hype?

Previous experience of the brand?

I just like it?

I rarely buy things unless it is a necessity. For those rare times I make a purchase, price comes into play as the number one reason whether or not to make the purchase. Forget brands..waste of money, IMO. I don’t pay any attention at all to whether or not someone else likes whatever. I tend to repurpose things..once their use is no longer necessary, they become something else.

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