Waiting for plaster to dry

Has to be, without doubt, the most boring part of a remodeling job.

Not only does it take blasted forever to dry, but once it is dry, it needs sanding and yet another coat of the blasted stuff before it can once again be sanded before painting!

Yes, today was day two………..of waiting for the stupid “mud” (as Lee calls it) to be sanded and a second coat put on.

I want to just open up my paint can and go to town on the ceiling and walls, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…….I have a second coat of plaster to wait on.

So, in the meantime, I found a pretty ceiling light fixture that I thought now would be the perfect time to install……..

I took the old, nasty ceiling fan down and discovered that instead of using a bracket to hold the ceiling fan, the vile and moronic imbeciles who owned this house before me Jerry-rigged the fan………no brackets anywhere to be found. The electrical box was DUCT-TAPED to the ceiling, and a screw was strategically placed on each side of said duct tape…..the fan……….was held on by the electrical cording coming out of the ceiling and DUCT TAPE!

So, another trip was made to the local hardware store.

The hardware store is one of my very favorite stores…I just wish the employees were as overjoyed to see me as I was to go back there……..they tend to scatter like cockroaches in the light of day whenever I drive up.

I think it is probably because I rarely know the name of whatever it is I am searching for…….they get annoyed when I ask for the thingamabob or the whatchamacallit that does whatever it is supposed to do.

I always eventually find what I need though, much to the annoyance of the employees. They are always so very glad to wave goodbye……..

In any event, I found the assorted electrical parts and bits I needed to first:

  1. correctly affix the ceiling box into the ceiling and attached to a stud
  2. correctly attach the assorted wiring together (caps I was told is the correct word for the dealybobbers)
  3. correctly attach the light fixture to the ceiling box

I even bought an led light bulb to use once the light was attached. Brought my bounty home and started to work on the fixture………..and nothing was working the way it was designed to work. Screws didn’t fit the fixture but fit the electrical box..and vice versa. The “instructions” that came with the fixture were in mangled Chinglish…that semi-translated Chinese into English that is so fascinating to read and never makes sense.

Twenty frustrating minutes later I admitted defeat…and called Lee to come put the fixture in for me.

He installed it in less than five minutes.

So, now I am back to waiting for the plaster to dry……….

9 thoughts on “Waiting for plaster to dry

  1. Hubby has been wiring today, and we need some conduit for the cables. Can we get the right size locally? Nope. Field trip tomorrow.

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    1. at least he knows how to string wire…and that they go through a conduit..not a cut apart hoolahoop!


      1. Great improvisation if it works!

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    1. yes Larry….they are the second cousin of thingamajigs!

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      1. Aha. God bless your hardware store employees. They must be saints.

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  2. Ahhhh … I feel your pain! I hate waiting for things to happen so that I can proceed to step #next. I also had a nice chuckle envisioning the staff at Home Depot scurrying for a hidden corner when they see you coming! Hang in … I eagerly await pics of the finished product!

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  3. Sounds like the previous owner was a pretty bad McGyver! We had a cottage once where the owner had patched holes in the wall by putting bandaids on them and painting over the the bandaids! Yuck!

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    1. omg! That is horrible…yet extremely funny at the same time!

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