Never again…………

will I complain about how long it takes (or how boring it is) waiting for plaster to dry!

The still too wet to paint plaster in the bathroom had me searching for something else I could be doing to hurry up the process of the remodel. (NO, I don’t have a lot of patience), and I really LOOKED at the above mirror lights that we inherited with this old house. There were a pretend “hollywood” fixture…you know, four oversized bulbs on a tacky mirrored surface.

I decided I disliked them immensely and they would get replaced….so I began to take them apart.

Most above mirror lighting is conveniently wired under drywall so you never have to think about it.  this one had a VERY long cord with a toggle switch with which to turn it on…..all wiring going over the door frame to a wall socket on the opposite side of the room.

Since my grand mother had one exactly like it, it never occurred to me to check it out more thoroughly before this afternoon.

I took out the bulbs and threw them away…I would never use these things in a fixture so why not?

Then I started taking the fixture down…there were two cap nuts, one on each side to unscrew…then the top fell off……and was hanging by two wires.  There should have been three! NO GROUND WIRE!

Then once I got the top off I discovered the base plate was OVER the wiring…..

Doesn’t that look professional? Don’t you just really want to hire the twit that installed this fixture? (yea, me neither)

Then after getting it all down I noticed copper wire showing through where the wire had been smashed under that bracket.

We all so danged LUCKY nothing caught fire. This house is so old it would have exploded, not just burned.

I showed the thing to George who looked at me and said “is that why I always smelled something burning when I turned it on?”

Well, YEA. I figure it probably was that…..

So, I suppose the moral to this little story is…if the wiring can be seen, you probably don’t want to turn on whatever that is………..get an electrician to check it out.

13 thoughts on “Never again…………

  1. In the cottage, we found an amazing fix on the wiring…….. sticky tape and a toothpaste top, and we had wires going to nothing behind a wall bracket.
    Luckily, Hubby knows what he’s doing so can fix things like this. He’s been wiring in a burglar alarm this weekend. F * U * N

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    1. okay…i really have zero things to complain about then. If you need a burglar alarm, you’re in a much worse place than we are.


      1. Just playing safe. Being in a holiday resort we get opportunists.

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  2. Bunch of twits made my apartment, and guess what….I have those exact lights over the bathroom mirror supposedly NEW : ))))

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    1. Same fixture, same kind of bulb in our 1974 condo.

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  3. And the funniest of all…had to have my door replaced because it wasn’t tight enough and even locked, would blow open by these horrid winds. When I came out to see if they were done they explained, this isn’t like the original but they’ll paint it…and I looked at it and just started laughing. It took them a minute before they realized what I was laughing about.there was a peephole in the top! Think about it…then we l aughed harder as I said, well I’m glad it isn’t my eye view level either

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    1. omg………did they think that peephole was somehow appropriate for your use? roflmao


  4. Luckily for you that you discovered it

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  5. The house were I grew up was wired by an aeronautical engineer who fancied himself an electrician. Spoiler: he wasn’t.

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    1. oh Jay! That’s horrible!


      1. Among many odd choices was his decision that every wire be stretched to the max with zero give or extra length. Good luck replacing outlets!

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      2. i replaced every single outlet (except the bathroom) two years ago. I had to change one, found that it was jerry-rigged…a copper wire wrapped around a post and then just stuck into the electrical box..not attached to anything at all…so we upgraded the entire house. some 1200 for an outside box upgrade and 3700 for all the outlets to be changed…..arggggggggggg

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