one more day…….

Just one more day. The great bathroom remodel is almost completed.

The shower still needs a flush hookup for the water supplies, and the base secured to the floor as its final step before we can use it.

I purchased a new (and quite pretty) shower curtain. I didn’t want to use the ten-year-old standby one anymore.

I’ve purchased an inexpensive shelving system, put it together and attached it to the studs with decent screws…these suckers won’t rust or pull out anytime soon …

Toiletries, supplies, towels, etc have all been sorted and are in the process of shelf placement. new rugs were purchased, washed and set in place.

The old cracked window has been “glass stained” and is now disguised as a stained-glass window. I figure I will replace it next year….maybe.

I still need to scrub down the plaster splatters on the new floors and spot paint the walls in a few places.

A shelf still needs to be painted white.

Other than those very few things, the project is 99% done!

It will be quite happily used tomorrow, and hopefully I can put off any new projects for another year.


Thank you George, for painting the mirror so it looks like an antique.

9 thoughts on “one more day…….

  1. Looking good. Y’all do roofing?

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  2. Sorry, I only saw the first picture, lol!

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  3. Dang Suze, it’s all coming together.

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  4. Lookin’ GOOOOOOD! Now, Suze … would you like to come spend about 6 months with me? 😉

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  5. Nice work. We like the Tiffany blue accents. I especially like the stained glass window. Did I ever tell you about the $4,000 washer? A faucet leak that leaked that I tried to fix that became a leak in the wall but a leak leaking for a long time into the ceiling below? New ceiling, new plumbing, new shower–why not? New sink, light fixtures, and new door. And that’s why I don’t do plumbing. Now,… remember that light fixture and loose wire? Don’t get me started about electricity. Every time we walked in the hallway in one spot, the lights flickered…

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    1. LOL………..were you living in my house, James????

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  6. I love the knobs and that window! I can’t believe you did that yourself–you’re so creative!

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