oh no way, oh so way…good grief!

Rory (or more than likely Doodlepip) has asked some really personal questions this week…well, they aren’t actually questions. They are statements and we are supposed to acknowledge guilt or innocence with the response “oh no way” or “or so way”. Pretty sure this is the ninth time he has done this rather odd post that people can not seem to stop responding to………..I think it is the titillation of answering rather rude questions in an anonymous way………..except they aren’t…questions that is.

Oh bother. Here they are…………


Questions – well’ish ish!

I have eaten snails  No way! Although I have eaten locusts, rattlesnake, Rocky Mountain Oysters, possum and Vegimite. The worst of them was the vegimite.

Received a speeding ticket So way.  In my defense, I was driving myself to the hospital in labor……….and the cop was nice enough to wait till I had my eldest before he gave me the ticket…

Fallen asleep during an important meeting No way. I’ve never been in a meeting o important that sleeping through it was an issue.

Sunbathed nude oh so way…back when I was svelte and gorgeous….

Taken part in a talent show. oh so way…several times. Usually either free-style gymnastic dance or singing.

Worn Crocs No way. Why in hades would anyone wear a crocodile? Are they insane? crocs have huge teeth and eat everything!

Screamed at a scary scene in a movie showhouse No way. I don’t do scary movies.

Been involved in a hit and run No way. well…..only on a football field

Been locked outside when naked No way.

Been approached by a hooker  oh so way….

Re – gifted a  gift to someone else that l was gifted. no way (how rude) One gives the gift back to the giver!

Fallen over something in the street whilst texting no way. I am not one of the thumb-typing generation. I have tripped and fallen thousands of times but never while texting.

Fallen asleep on the toilet No way…at least not that I can remember. Who knows what one did as a toddler?

Had sex in a tent  So way. Favorite vacations all involve tents.

Properly kissed someone of the same sex No way…

Surfed Not on purpose…………….oops. Oh no way.

Had sex on the first date. No way.

Holidayed in a nudist camp No way. I don’t want to see other people’s bits and pieces. Attractive people just don’t seem to go to nudist camps….just watch all those old movies from the early 70’s……

16 thoughts on “oh no way, oh so way…good grief!

  1. How about Asleep at the green light? Shaven clean before abdominal surgery?

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    1. asleep at a green light? oh yes, I have actually….never had abdominal shaving…….lol

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  2. Whats the matter with crocs?

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    1. Teeth! weren’t you listening? sheesh!

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      1. I was, that’s why you wrastle em into submission!!!

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      2. considering a croc can get upright and RUN across land at approximately 11 miles per hour, and the Suze can struggle to her feet and trip at approximately 1/2 mile per decade, I shall have to decline any “wrastling”.

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  3. Very interesting answers.

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  4. I agree, Vegimite is nasty! Snails, though, are pretty tasty! So are frog legs. 🙂

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  5. Mind you snails in vegemite might be nice!? Nicely done Suze 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    No way. Why in hades would anyone wear a crocodile? Are they insane? crocs have huge teeth and eat everything!

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      1. Always a pleasure Suze, you know that – thanks as always for playing along 🙂

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  7. Loved your answers 😛 very cool!

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  8. I’ve only done a couple of these things myself. Did the cop really still give you the ticket?!

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