S.A.D. and the blog

So, I have been basically ignoring this blog for over two weeks now…writing the bare minimum to keep it current seems to be the most I can do lately.

I go though a few “ignore the blog” weeks every year.

I think the only thing that kept me writing anything at all was the bathroom remodel earlier this month.

And, No…it isn’t done. I still have three pieces of moulding to add to the floor and wall…….and to the ceilings. I forget what the ceiling stuff is called, but at least there are only two small pieces to be attached.

I still have a tiny bit of touch-up painting to do. It isn’t enough to keep the exhaustion at bay though.

I check out the wp account every day………..I just haven’t really been sharing anything.

Then I checked my stats from last year….and the year before…and one before that….and February is historically a BAD BAD month for me and blogging.

I wonder why?

It could be because I have seasonal affective disorder………….and my sleeping and eating patterns are thrown off so badly during the dead of winter……It could be that I just get lazy during the early part of the year.

I cry more easily…over nothing! Greeting card commercials………the car commercial with the golden retrievers (no i don’t know which cars they are)……..even mac and cheese commercials can get me sobbing.

I managed to hold off the worst of this stupid disorder…as long as there were huge amounts of heavy work to be done on the bath, it stayed in the back of my mind. BUT, now that there are just a few tiny things to do this danged disorder has reared its ugly head and started to roar.

So, if I am more quiet than usual…or just seem off somehow, I am sorry….blame it all on a lack of vitamin K and sunshine.

Sooner or later (please be sooner, I AM in Oklahoma now after all) this will pass and I will return to my old snarky self again. In the meantime, be kind to each other.

13 thoughts on “S.A.D. and the blog

  1. I’m so sorry Suze-SAD affects many folks like that, my hubby included. Maybe it would be helpful to add a Centrum Silver to your routine (if you don’t already do that) or diffuse some uplifting scents like orange, lemon, and grapefruit 😊

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  2. Roll on spring and summer! Your bathroom posts have been great! I think everyone can relate to the sage of a bathroom installation.

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  3. I feel the same. Oranges definitely give a lift. I put the peelings in my water sometimes.

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  4. Just find yourself a convent and take a sabbatical with the nuns. 😍

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    1. ummmmmmm, no. i doubt they would like my potty mouth or my arguments about their practices……..lol

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      1. Well, join my monk friends at Gonstagos and live in a cave for awhile. Only you, the brothers and the bats.🤣

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  5. It’s hard to keep posting all the time, I have just set up another site and have been attempting to put paying ads on it but as I’m not a computer geek in any way shape or form it has taken getting on for well over a week and I still haven’t got there. I think I’ll give up soon and try to catch up with my blog. Perhaps I can do another of my rants about how computer stuff should be far simpler than it is!

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    1. you just need to borrow someone’s six year old.

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  6. So much other stuff gets in the way of the writing. [Music]: “I haven’t got time for the . . . ” [not pain].
    We even have winter doldrums in Florida: 64 degrees. Chilly. Not yet gardening weather. Had to wear a sweater and hat to be outside to have a cigar. What fun is that? Sigh.

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    1. somehow i just can not bring myself to feel sorry for you hun…..roflmao

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