SYW, Feb 25, 2019

Mel at Sparksfromacombustiblemind has given a new set of things for us to share with the world..whether or not the world wished to know. Here are my responses…..



What, in your opinion, is the point to life?

What was your most recent lie?  You don’t have to get really specific obviously.

What country do you consider the strangest?   (it’s all In fun folks, ALL countries may seem strange to outsiders)

What’s your funniest story involving a car?

The point to life????? Why does there have to be a point? Can it be a hypotenuse instead? How about a circle, that actually sorta makes sense, so that can’t be right. I haven’t the faintest idea.

That I was still young and gorgeous.

Transnistria. I really don’t know if it is strange or not…but the name makes me snicker so I suppose it could be. (for those without a brand new globe, it is a fairly new country, stuck between Moldavia and Ukraine..and Moldavia is a sort of country even though it really isn’t. Don’t ask me why as it wasn’t up to me as to whether or not the UN would acknowledge either one of em.

Could it possibly be the time I was stopped for speeding while being in the throws of labor with my first child??? the cop stopped me, I gasped, yelled, screamed and tried to explain, he raced back to his car and escorted me to the hospital…allowed me to have the child and THEN gave me a speeding ticket? Nah………couldn’t be that one.

4 thoughts on “SYW, Feb 25, 2019

  1. The car incident is hilarious, but not fair getting a ticket for it. They should have given you a medal 🏅 for daring to drive in that state!

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  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World. I admit to laughing loudly at the ‘woman in labor,,,of COURSE I”M SPEEDING!” I am just surprised that the cop insisted on the ticket, given the extenuating circumstances.

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    1. hey, i have discovered that state troupers have zero sense of humor while working.


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