I’ve been sitting here……..

For several hours now…time hasn’t had much meaning this morning…..watching the Congressional meeting where Mr. Michael Cohen has been giving testimony about his actions as the President’s personal attorney that have so impacted our country.

One thing has been shown during his “examination” by the various Reps.

Republicans are only there to do as much  as possible to denounce or denigrate and discredit Michael Cohen. They are, with ONE glaring exception, only there to get Americans to believe that Mr. Cohen is just picking on our President and has no valuable information to give. The exception was Justin Amash, a republican from Michigan.  He actually asked relevant and respectful questions. Frankly I was amazed.

What his questions did though, was to emphasize just how blatant the other Republicans were in their attempt to deflect from POTUS any idea that he had done anything wrong…ever..

The only people who have bothered mentioning impeachment are the Republicans…in their attempts to deflect from that particular idea they are instead firmly pushing that idea into the minds of everyone watching.

Do the members of the Republican party actually believe the tripe they are spouting?  “The President has done so many good things for this country” according to Rep. Paul Gosar, retired dentist and now a Representative. Mr. Gosar went on to state that Mr. Cohen should not be believed because he lied “once before’…….

I suppose Mr. Gosar has never once in his life lied to anyone about anything.

Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota spent his entire time berating Mr. Cohen for stating he would turn over tapes to the committee should he be subpoenaed…….with or without permission from whomever is on the tapes. Questions thrown out rapid-fire with no attempt to receive any responses..

It is just so obvious that between the self-aggrandizement and the protection of POTUS are the ONLY reason any republicans even bothered to show up at this committee meeting.

Why can they not see and hear the words and actions of POTUS for what they are? Why are they so intent on keeping him in office? WHAT  DO THEY GAIN?


6 thoughts on “I’ve been sitting here……..

  1. They care only about impressing the slimy POTUS with their sucking up so he won’t turn on them and give them a mean nickname. Then they’ll be re-elected by hypocrites who don’t care about lying and crime when Trumps do it.

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  2. Bless you, Suze. I will catch up on the highlights tonight from credible news sources.

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    1. gawd knows i aint credible.i am too invested in getting rid of potus…lol

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      1. Sweetie, in my eyes you are very credible.

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  3. Interesting how we take sides and choose, without ever truly knowing.


  4. I agree. And the childish sign taunt? No wonder…they’re Trump clones


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