SYW March 5, 2019 (yes it’s late!)

Mel over at SparksFromACombustibleMind now does the weekly share your world challenge….it’s been my favorite since the beginning of my WP journey. Each week there are four or five questions to answer with a bonus question about gratitude. Check it out.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?  The first thing?  Okay, I am honest enough to say “body shape”.  I don’t think much about it but frankly that’s the first thing I notice. It takes a bit for people to focus upon faces, or eyes, or a smile or frown. I notice if they are short or tall, heavy set or teensy-tiny….and along with it how they are dressed. Are they sloppy? in PJ’s instead of outside clothes? Are they clean and neat or dirty and sloppy. I am of a generation that always tried to look their best, even when going to the lumber yard, and have to admit it annoys me to see people with such a poor self image they go to the store in PJ’s or ripped and dirty clothing. My children accuse me of being a snob. I’m not…well okay, maybe I am. I don’t think the people who dress inappropriately or are not clean are lesser than I, I just feel sorry for them that they don’t know any better. Okay, I did just hear how that sounded…….I give up.

What three habits do you feel would improve someone’s life? wearing appropriate clothing for the occasion. Taking daily baths or showers. Brushing their darned teeth.

What takes up too much of your time?   Would you stop that if you could?  The darned computer. Between the blog, paying bills, doing research or playing games…the computer tend to take over my life every now and then

Cookies (biscuits to those elsewhere), pastries, pie or cake?   If not, what does your sweet tooth crave?  Pastry first, and probably second, then cheesecake, cakes, cookies, with pies coming in last. 

cheesey sun1

Gratitude?  Are You Happy?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  I am generally a happy person. I’m grateful for good friends, my dogs, my husband, my home…being able to eat every day and having a warm room in which to sleep. I have far more than ‘enough” ……..I am grateful for my bloggery buddies. 

4 thoughts on “SYW March 5, 2019 (yes it’s late!)

  1. A sweet post. Loved reading your answers.

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  2. I don’t know, but am guessing, from your first and second answers (to the three habits), that you had an encounter of the unwashed kind recently…i.e. a pan handler or street person who was begging and got pushy. I might be wrong, but I agree 100% with you (although I’ve been guilty of wearing unsuitable attire out of my home, but I STAY IN MY CAR). Nobody needs to see PJ bottoms on grown persons, nor unsightly back hair, butt cracks, or people who are too lazy to wash. That last thing is one of my pet peeves of all time. Homelessness aside, there’s no reason not to bathe regularly. Bravo for Sharing Your opinion of the World, it’s always fascinating to read your answers!

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    1. i think i have volunteered one too many times at a particular homeless shelter………


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