Wednesdays, wednesdays……….

I know…it should be Monday Monday….what can I say?

I’ve been just slightly ill for the past week and it is grinding me down, both physically and emotionally.

It’s hard to pay attention to anything other than where are my headache tablets and a glass of water, or do I have any tissues?

Today, I tried. I really did. I finished the touch up painting in the bathroom, got the hubby to paint my picture frames for me, and scrolled through a thousand or more pictures on the web to find architectural photos I can download free.  I have decided greyscale architectural prints would be terrific in my new gray/white bath.

These are a few I found, all stock prints and all free. I wish I had taken them, but I didn’t and NO, I have no idea who did take them as they had no information on the original files.

I also downloaded a few stained glass only pics…but decided not to use them in grayscale…they just ended up looked…well…..too gray.

In any event, I am attempting to get better so I can return to the blog with erudite posts once again. And, yes, I did have a few erudite ones.

In the meantime though, go check out a few other bloggers…search for totally new to you ones and have fun.

3 thoughts on “Wednesdays, wednesdays……….

  1. ❤ Enjoy what you can – don't you be worried about what you can't ❤

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  2. Suze, you are the epitome of erudition.

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  3. Mama Cass was such a good singer. The heroin use was tragic. Too bad fat-ism marred her career, and sadly, too bad it still exists today.

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