bath reno, final post…it’s done!

It’s finally complete.  All plumbing is in place, appliances in, shower installed, sink installed, toiletries put away and the final touch??? Artwork for a huge blank wall where we pulled out towel bars.

Start to finish it only really took four days…but since this was a reno by Suze…well, there was a LOT of fiddle faddling around about what to put where and what kind of wall hangings/art/shelves/whatever would go in that final space.

I pulled out all kinds of things and tried them out…from a pretty floral wreathe to hand painted dreck….and finally settled on pictures……..

then it took another week for me to decide what kind of frames. Should they all be the same or all completely different styles? Should they be black, white, silver, bronze????? George settled the issue by painting my all black frames white…and said “deal with it”.

Then I had to decide on what KIND of pictures…all black and white? All greyscale to go with the grey walls? What about color pictures? And then did I want to try to match the two “colours” in the room? The shower curtain is burgundy with grey, carib blue, black and white details…the accessories are all carib blue……or do I go with a contrasting color scheme?

Yes, I do tend to obsess a bit.

I finally decided to go for “architectural” photos…………then I had to determine a style of architecture…….oh Lord, why did I even start this? A week in and no decisions had been made.

Finally, I pulled out my childhood picture albums and just started pulling pictures out that I really liked…….and ended up with Washington, DC area places. They were all so stark though, so I added some stained glass pictures.

Only one picture is one that I did not take myself at some point in my life……..and that is the Smithsonian Museum picture………my father took it, and it has been used as the “iconic” Smithsonian picture since he developed it back in the 1930’s. It is on all the Smithsonian literature, and even on the tickets they sell for admission to the “castle” part of the museum.

Anyway, here is what I ended up with…I like it.

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10 thoughts on “bath reno, final post…it’s done!

  1. Beautiful Susan 😊

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  2. Fabulous job, Suze! Now, my bathroom could use an overhaul … 😉

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    1. and i sincerely hope you have just as much redoing your bathroom as I did mine! lol

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      1. Hah! Not likely something I will attempt! 😀

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  3. Looks cool. Great


  4. Oh those look great! And don’t feel bad–I have a friend who redid her living room and it took her over six months to find the “right” coffee table:-)

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