good God, I am making lists again!

In writing down the things that have caused me stress over the past few months I came up with this…..

  1. George’s near fatal heart problems
  2. George’s open heart surgery
  3. seeing a video of some of his surgery
  4. having to travel 50+ miles one way, twice a day for almost a month
  5. realizing we have zero income for a period of two months beginning in December
  6. George losing his health insurance due to job loss
  7. Having to deal with the VA minions…….
  8. having to deal with the Social Security Administration
  9. Coming home the day of George’s surgery and finding a broken water pipe under the kitchen sink
  10. having to recognize that our 16 year old dog is on his literal last legs and may not make it through the next week.
  11. Having George home all the time since he is “retired”

Then there were the good stressors:

  1. George surviving the open heart surgery
  2. having close friends that would spend time with me driving back and forth to the hospital
  3. having George’s boss keep him on insurance for a month after he had to quit
  4. Having George’s pharmacist pay for George’s meds because his insurance had been cancelled
  5. getting the bathroom upgraded and all plumbing fixed.
  6. Having George recover his strength so quickly
  7. Having George at home all the time now he is “retired” (admit it, ya knew his one would be here too)
  8. Having George’s Social Security become approved
  9. Getting the VA to admit that “yes George is a VET and yes he DOES get free health care now”
  10. Having the VA pay for all of George’s meds except one…that costs less than 1 dollar for a three month supply.

I look at this short list and think “oh lordie, there are so many other things I could put here” and is it any wonder I am not sleeping?

9 thoughts on “good God, I am making lists again!

  1. Years ago a wise old man told me to be grateful for all things in life especially the negatives. It is those “bad” things that make us wiser and stronger. I dunno – just words from a stupid old man.😉

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    1. but they are good to hear words my friend. thank you

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  2. Your list no 1 is pretty daunting but list no 2 is positive. Hope that the positives outweigh the negatives.

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  3. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, you were strong before and your still strong now. ❤️ Stop with the bad dreams and start living because you are truly blessed. Send George a big kiss from me 💋

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    1. I am trying, oh how I am trying. I meditate…..i do relaxation exercises (I know that sounds anti-relaxation but they do relax people when done correctly), I think positive thoughts….at least these are just nightmares and not night terrors and I am grateful for that. What truly annoys me is being in the middle of a wierd dream and KNOWING it is a dream yet being unable to wake up.

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      1. Dreaming is an outlet for all your emotions, keep writing or painting or DIY or better still ask the young lad next door for his advice 😉 I’m sure he will have an answer. Seriously look after yourself Susan xxx

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      2. I am trying to Elaine. Journaling is working a bit…at least now i have ladders and critters instead of things happening to my husband in my dreams.

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  4. Besides all that, it’s been smooth sailing?


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