Today started out fairly nice…..got up, had coffee, paid bills,exercised, did laundry, actually remembered to eat lunch………… made a lasagna for George……..but somehow things just went kaflooie tonight. ……… we were watching tv after dinner…
George was watching tv (some Horror flick from the 60’s……invasion of the tomatoes or something) and I was starting to fall asleep in my chair……….I had changed from my day wear (jeans and tee) into a nice comfy nighty and was just starting to relax………….. when I felt a creepy crawly sorta feeling on the back of my neck……so of course I grabbed it (whatever it was) and threw it off of me in a blind panic………it was a stinging sort of thing………..I really don’t know what kind of thing it was because I was too busy screeching with the pain in my hand to go look across the room for whatever it was…………………….
George (of course) started to look for the whatever instead of assisting his poor wife……….(am I getting any sympathy yet?)……..while I sat watching my finger swell up to the size of a baseball bat……it hurt like a son-of-a-gun too!  Sort of a burning stabbing finger-is-gonna-explode pain…………(yes, I am a baby)……………but I thought it would eventually stop and life could go back to normal soon.
George in the meantime, still looking for a stinging creature, is moving all sorts of things from the bookcase just in case I threw the thing in there with the books during my flinging.
I eventually got off my tookus and got an ice cube to hold so the finger would stop swelling and maybe stop hurting so badly.
George yelled “Actung! Verdamdt” something and held up a bee……at least it was now a dead bee……………and he (George not the bee) looked at me for the first time since I got stung and said “Suze, you have hives”.
huh?  No, I have a hurt finger! Took me a few minutes to realize that the itching and burning I was feeling was a reaction to the whatever-it-was………….so I got up to get my sting kit………..now, did anyone know that bee-sting kits have expiration dates?  I never knew that!  Mine expired sometime in the last century……….it was at least ten years out of date if not more. George said I couldn’t use it………..rats……..so here I am, swollen burning painful finger, hives all over so I itch and burn and then I noticed that it was just a bit dizzy here………..wait………I was getting dizzy……………so aniphylaxis here I come………..I started to giggle and George nearly lost it.
Wow, I never knew a nurse could actually lose their cool so badly….it was truly interesting to watch and i would have taken notes but it was a bit hard to breathe by then. He grabbed the ancient, expired bee sting kit, found all three syringes and whammo, kablammo…I got three shots in a row!
Personally, while I am grateful for his fast thinking, and even a tiny bit over the bee kits (they actually worked) I was NOT that thrilled with having three shots instead of just one. That seemed like overkill for some reason.
But, I am once again hive free, I can breathe semi-normally and my finger is now finger sized instead of super-giganta-sized.
Hopefully, after today I shall sleep like a baby instead of a demented sci-fi character.

12 thoughts on “Kaflooie…………

  1. You certainly lead an exciting life!

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  2. That’s something that doesn’t happen in Freezingland. At least not at this time of the year 😉 Glad George could save you in-extremis!! What would the bloggosphere have become without our Madame Suze?? *Big hugs*

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  3. You are the only one I know of who can turn a near-disaster into a few chuckles! I’m so glad George was thinking quick on his feet and that you are fine now, but I must admit that I did have a bit of a chuckle at your expense! But Suze … bees? At this time of year? Oh yeah, right … Florida. I suppose you have flowers, too! 🌺 I hate you! 🐝

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    1. nope Oklahoma! Dunno where the stupid bee came from..we did have 70 mph winds from the south yesterday…it might have been a texas bee!

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      1. Ah, that’s right! Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains! You sent your wind this direction, and we have a tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. Oh goody. A Texas bee! Those are the worst … likely a republican, to boot! 🙂

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      2. sorry, sorry…I did try to arrange for the wind to go back southward, but my gigantic wind tunnel of a back yard is facing another direction.

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      3. No worries … we avoided it, just got a lot of rain … and now I have sent it on to my friend in Pennsylvania! 😊

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  4. Luckily I’ve never been stung by a bee (perhaps they realise Im a friend since I rescued one from the stockroom and fed it sugar water, and will always help a tired bee find a flower), but wasps!!!! Different kettle of fish and I’ve been stung by sitting on one, putting my hadn on one leaning back against one, and one flling out of the aircon at work and stung my neck.
    Glad you are OK though. Hubby has to be careful too.

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  5. Wow–thank goodness for the bee kit! Do you have it because you knew you were allergic or just in case?

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    1. i’ve ended up hospitalized after a bee sting so I knew. I always try to have a few current kits on hand. Didn’t know mine were out of date.

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      1. Luckily they worked!!

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