Nightmares two and three….


I am painting the front room in a home we lived in over 30 years ago. I am painting the room WHITE. (I hate white. it is an accent color in my head..but that is beside the point I think) We weren’t allowed to paint as we were living on base housing, but I decided to paint anyway. As I was climbing up the ladder it seemed to keep growing taller. Every step that was the last was suddenly one of a hundred more steps. I finally reached the top of the ladder and sat on the top…….and the ladder started moving around the room as if on wheels. George came into the room after hearing me yell out and grabbed the ladder. I said “I want to get off, now!” so George closed the ladder and started spinning it around rapidly. I was by that time hanging on by my hands while my legs flew behind from the force of the turns. As my hands started slipping, I began to cry and woke up.



Again, I was in the former house on the post…I was picking up dirty laundry to throw it in the washer when I noticed a lizard on the floor scurrying under a bed. I dropped the laundry and bent to pick up the lizard to set it free outside. I then saw hundreds of baby lizards all staring to crawl out from under the bed. I ran into the kitchen to grab a broom so I could sweep them all out, but saw hundreds of baby frogs in the kitchen… I yelled at my sons to get them up out of their beds to come help me get rid of all these creatures.  My sons both came running and it seemed a thousand lizards were chasing them. I grabbed the boys and ran for the living room which was (of course) covered in rats..all chasing the frogs and lizards and eating them. I screamed for help and woke up.


Okay. This is getting ridiculous! I am sick and tired of the stupid, and frankly somewhat disgusting dreams I am having.  I need to somehow get the fact into my subconscious that George is finally FINE and getting Healthier every day. The world is NOT coming to an end. We have ENOUGH money each month on our combined retirement to be comfortable.

So, how exactly does one get such facts into their deep and inner brain? There has to be a secret to it that I simply never learned.

It is quite obviously not getting in my head and I don’t think a vacation is going to fix it this time.

17 thoughts on “Nightmares two and three….

  1. Have you relaxed and read a book lately? Maybe a fun mystery or comical romance, just something light, not dark or scary. Sounds like you need to visit another world for a while and get these creatures out of your brain. Just a thought. 🙂

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    1. yep…playing scrabble online for a while today…lol

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      1. Play me on Words with Friends (Kimberly Smyth) Phleb51

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  2. Do you like white noise? I have found listening to sounds of rain on a tin roof, waves crashing, and the crackling of a fire help calm my mind and I usually have pleasant dreams or don’t remember them. I use YouTube with black screen, but they have apps for this too. I also recommend Jeff bridges Sleep Tapes if you can find them. He has a very soothing voice.

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  3. YouTube offers great meditation videos, healing music and yoga for beginners. It has been a tremendous help in fighting depression and anxiety. I had my 1st acupuncture yesterday for pain which has been a major cause of my depression. Your dreams sound like maybe another life long ago in Egypt with Moses and the Pharaoh. 😉

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    1. could be because I was looking through my travel pictures and egypt figured mightily in those pics.

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  4. I still maintain that you have realised yours and George’s mortality is not never ending. Hence the babies dreams or young creatures. The ladder tells me that sub consciously you are thinking that you are getting older too and that you can’t control the outcome. We don’t know how long we have left or how we will pass. Accept that you are having these dreams, they’re not real and they will eventually stop. Try not to get too fixated about them.

    Play some lovely soft music and cuddle up to George, but don’t get pregnant 😳🙄😉

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      1. I knew that would make you smile 😊


  5. I’d go with the idea of relaxing music before you go to sleep. Have no ideas about the significance of your nightmares though I can analyse my own.

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      1. Hubby has found this fantastic piano piece (with cello and strings ) which is lovely, if you like that kind of thing.

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      2. I love the music of Peder Hellend..thanks for reminding me.

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  6. When little niggles turn into big issues – the mind won’t let go of that fear until it can be demonstrated that the problems/worries aren’t there. It’s experienced it, knows it happened, could happen again, get worse – that’s what the mind is saying, so the white noise at night is probably going to slow down that deep worry while you work on other ways to put the worry back in its (brain) box with meditation, singing, yoga, or music (whether they’re used for therapy or relaxation, it will slow the worry cogs in the mind).
    And time.
    anyway, that’s my opinion.

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