my life has become rather Bizarre

After the Bazarro world bee attack in the dead of winter yesterday, I figured I would sleep like a baby and no mares (night or otherwise) would affect me……

I did…sort of. I slept. For about an hour at a time… then awake for about an hour and back to sleep. This went on all fricking night.

I had finally fallen fast asleep when Gunnar the wonder dog came barreling into the room and launched himself onto my stomach, thus bringing me abruptly from the first sound sleep of a month into groaning wakefulness once again.

It was thundering out side. So the shivering, trembling, whinging dog got my bed and I got the “easy chair’ that isn’t. There’s a spring in the seat that pokes whomever sits upon it…reminding them to get off their ass and go do some housework.

At least if I had any dreams at all I can’t remember them. Of course, I am so tired I can barely remember my name, so remembering a dream would be a stretch at this point.

I’ve decided today is going to be a day of simple home repairs (it never, never ends with a 100 year old home), laundry and possibly some painting.

I found two small glass jars in interesting shapes and am thinking of staining them pretty colours. One can never have too many coloured jars ya know.

I also have three quilts with almost all the materiel cut out to piece together that i could work on.

Or I could just play an online war game, blasting my way through neighboring towns and taking over the world………

But first I think I’m just going to see if I can’t remove that 5 pound dog from my bed and take a nap. Everything else can wait.

2 thoughts on “my life has become rather Bizarre

  1. Sleep comes before everything else. Get some zzzzz

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  2. I hope you get some rest soon!

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