returning to normal????

It feels as if life is returning to a state of normality…or as close as I have ever come to such a state.

For the first time in quite literally months, I slept all night without dreams and awakened with a sense of joy. It probably helped that Gunnar was sitting on the bed licking my face as I awakened. I know the little guy has been a tad worried about me as he seems to be sticking close to my side lately.

I managed to get quite a lot done today without doing a single chore.

I painted some glassware…………I made a new floral wreath for the front door…….I shopped for luxuries (like rose scented soap and some nice hand lotion) instead of food or toilet paper. That in and of itself was enough to cheer me.

I watched a silly television show, read a book….spent some time with my best friend.

In short, I wasted the entire day!

It was wonderful!

Here’s hoping tonight is another uninterrupted sleep and a playful tomorrow is right around the corner.

I’m trying to remember each day a bit of advice I received a long time ago from a good friend…it’s always helped me stay positive even when it seems the rest of the planet is going to hell in a handbasket……..

“Awesome things will happen to you today if you choose NOT to be a miserabe COW!”


7 thoughts on “returning to normal????

  1. A great piece of advice. Hope you have a great day

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  2. A whole night’s sleep … I’ve forgotten what it is! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, my friend! Hugs!

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  3. I love that you’re so creative–I find that creating things always makes me feel better, and it eases my dreams.

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  4. Hey Suze, l am not sure if you saw this, it was posted on the 15th 🙂 I asked you, but l think a lot of messages are going missing.

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    1. thanks Rory. I did miss it, dang it all. loved it and shared it

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      1. Am glad Suze, a lot of comments currently are going walkabout, things have been pointed out to me that l have missed because they didn’t show up in my comments scroll – glad you love it 🙂

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  5. I feel a change, too! Good things gonna happen. Glad you got to “WASTE” some time.

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