Dear Rachel

R Maddow, courtesy of msnbc

First, let me express my deepest admiration for you and your work. It is incredibly difficult in this day and age not to lose all perspective when dealing with the political shenanigans that are ongoing from our capital.

The very fact that night after night you share your intelligent commentaries about the daily stupidities without losing your mind is in and of itself amazing.

Your guests are intelligent, erudite and hopeful even in the light of the daily insanity.


My own brain is about to explode. My sense of honor is daily attacked. My sense of humor is being whittled down to a mere wisp of what used to be. I can’t take it any more.

I gave up watching your show last week. At first, it was almost a visceral reaction to a lack of your voice.  Now, it has eased into a mere slight ache of longing to listen once again.

In order to keep what little grey matter I have, I simply had to loosen my dependence upon you and your voice.

Now, I listen to music instead.

It is not nearly as satisfying, but I am no longer gritting my teeth, or cursing under my breath, or wishing for unmentionable things to happen to those now in power.

I miss you, Rachel. I do. And hopefully I will be able to someday listen once more to your “watch this page” and smile. Until then, stay safe…stay sane…and keep that snarky sense of humor. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse before better times are here once more.


5 thoughts on “Dear Rachel

  1. That’s a great letter, Suze. Many of us share your sentiment. I caved last week and began to watch Chris and Rachel again. 🤢

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    1. I just can’t right now…and boy, do I ever miss her!

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  2. I’ve cut back on many of the political talk shows with their panels of talking heads. But Rachel is different. She goes in-depth and she discusses topics the others aren’t. I can’t give her up. I won’t give her up.

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  3. Great letter. I can’t watch Rachel anymore. She’s absolutely great, but I totally agree with you…it just gets to be too much.

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  4. She and my brother were roommates at Oxford. He has tremendous respect for her–I can’t imagine how she deals with the shitshow that is American politics.

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