oh no way, oh so way, my way number 9

Rory , half of the famous doodlepip duo, challenges us with some……..well,…….rather od challenges. I happen to love odd challenges so here are my answers………………Hopefully I can remember how to answer these for a change.


Sort of Okayish Questions with a bit of sweet, savoury and spice!

Eaten food off of someone’s naked body  no way

Fooled around in the stockroom while on the job. no way…do people really do this or is it an urban myth?

Peed in someone else’s wardrobe. No way. Rory, I have some deepening concerns about you son……

Spied on my neighbours. oh so way. I had some pretty odd neighbors at one point…and ended up with the ATF in my den watching out the windows at the neighbors too!

Been seasick. oh no way

Sprayed graffiti on something. oh no way. Although I did use a bunch of coloured paints and a brush to help paint a building’s wall in downtown once.

Gotten bitten, scratched, scraped or developed a rash after having sex/during sex in the great outdoors no way

Had a hangover that was so chronically bad that you wanted to curl up and disappear from the planet. oh so way…recovering alcoholic here…

Fooled around or played hanky panky on the beach. oh no way (boy, you have sex on the brain today, don’t ya?)

Locked keys in the car. oh so way…more times than I can count

Played strip poker. oh so way…once in college

Hidden cigarettes, cigars or weed, so my parents wouldn’t know I was smoking. oh no way.

Fooling around in a car and accidently honked the horn. oh no way.

Eaten really odd, strange, weird or zany crazy foods. oh so way…locusts, ants, grasshoppers, snake, octopus, frogs, cactus……..yea, I’ve tried them.

Played spin the bottle. oh no way.

Dyed my hair and it went horribly and disastrously wrong. oh so way. I even wrote a blog post about it a long time ago.

Ridden on a strange animal, cow, buffalo, camel, elephant, rocking horse. oh so way. elephant, cow, zebra, camels (both dromedary and the other one)……

Grabbed an electric fence by mistake. oh no way…BUT, I did grab one ON PURPOSE once. Not the brightest moment in my life.

Had nude photos taken. oh no way. I’m a good girl, I am.

Been electrocuted by wiring. oh so way. twice now I have been working on the electrical wiring in the house, thought I had turned off the appropriate breaker only to discover I had turned off the wrong breakers.

Had food poisoning.. oh so way. George and I went to a Valentine’s dance/dinner on the Lady Lexington…an aircraft carrier now permanently docked in the gulf of mexico and turned into a museum. I had fried oysters….or rather one bite INTO a single fried oyster…and spit it out. It just tasted totally wrong. Three hours later I was taken to the local emergency department after fainting and vomiting all over the dance floor. (yes I fainted first)……that was fun.

Attended a swingers party or other such like ‘erotic’ exotic venue. oh no way. 

Kicked out of a library for being too loud. Oh no way…I am a former librarian for pete’s sake……

12 thoughts on “oh no way, oh so way, my way number 9

  1. Wow, Suze! You surprised me with some of these answers. These questions are so intriguing, I may have to take a stab myself, but not tonight! 😉

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  2. A really good girl.

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  3. Nicely done Suze – there was a film series once called The Librarian with Noah Wyle , Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin excellent and it was this line that made me laugh!
    I am a former librarian for pete’s sake……

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    1. loved that show…and wished I ha been that kind of librarian!

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  4. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    I am a former librarian for pete’s sake…… but l have played spin the bottle!

    What is Suze talking about here?

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  5. I have the same concerns that you do about Rory! 😀

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  6. Good evening Suze, l have just emailed you a Truly Inspired questionnaire, l literally just stumbled upon a comment you left on the 20th, that WP decided to hide from me.

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    1. it’s all good..i have been attempting to bake for the great bloggers bakeoff….not working out so well so the questionnaire will prove to raise my spirits…nothing is going to raise my cakes it seems.

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