I gave up watching the news a few weeks ago in an (vain) attempt to stop worrying so much about things I have zero control over…….So, while I may have heard through the local grapevine that Mr. Mueller has completed his investigation, I do not have a clue what conclusions he has made.

It seems, since hearing the news on the radio this morning, that our US Attorney general has the same amount of understanding of Mr. Mueller’s conclusion as I.

The next step, from what I understand about special counsel reports, is that the report will be given to the House of Representatives. From there, the House will either put forth impeachment papers if there is evidence of collusion, obstruction, etc…or assign specific charges off to the various State Attorney Generals for indictment.

We, the guys on the ground who pay out taxes so we can actually HAVE a government may or may not ever really know what is in this special counsel report.

I hope we do….but I wouldn’t hold my breath over it. Teflon Don may just slide his nasty way through the entire mess without having to pay any consequences.

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  1. So goddam frustrating. I guess it’s true: Justice must be blind because anyone with vision can see that Trump is a traitor to our country, that he collided with Russia, and that he’s guilty of obstruction of justice.

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  2. Suze, I may as well have been playing tiddly winks all those hours I spent watching the news. I’ve never been a political trailblazer, but now I just want to drop out. Oh, I’ll vote my conscience and support the ones who seem to have some moral compass, but, I’m not investing as much time and emotion into the circus. I have deep faith in the under 30 crowd to turn this country around. Starting Thursday baseball will be on every night. 😁

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  3. I’m sick of every blip about Trump dominating the news 24/7. I don’t watch the news, but I read it and one story at the top summarizing his daily assholishness and how everyone is responding to same is ENOUGH. Why spread this crap out in 17 stories down the page? There ARE other things happening!

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