Fibbing Fridays

Theresa at the Haunted Wordsmith gives us the opportunity each Friday to tell as large a tale as possible on each of about ten situations or subjects….this week seems to be all about (Fractured) Fairy Tales.

Whether they are whoppers or merely tiny white les, we are to call forth our imagination and do our best (or worst depending).

  1. You are Cinderella’s fairy god parent…what clothes do you give her?
  2. Snow White lived in the woods, but it wasn’t with seven dwarfs…what/who did she live with?
  3. Beast wasn’t cursed! The story got it all wrong. What was wrong with Belle?
  4. Hansel and Gretel didn’t kill the witch! What did happen to her?
  5. Johnny Appleseed didn’t plant apple trees…what did he do?
  6. Casey didn’t strike out at bat. He wasn’t even a baseball player. What was he and what really happened to him?
  7. History got it all wrong as usual…Paul Bunyan wasn’t a giant lumberjack. What was he?
  8. Jack didn’t find a goose that lays golden eggs in the giant’s castle…what did he find?
  9. What was the Ugly Duckling’s real story?
  10. The sky wasn’t falling on Chicken Little. What was happening?
  11. Sleeping Beauty wasn’t really sleeping, what did she want to avoid doing?

1.  I would leave the following: a pair of daisy dukes (short shorts that show her nether regions), a ripped and paint splattered tank top, a pair of flip flops..preferably with a flower on the toes. After all, the girl has to make a living somehow.

2.  Snow White lived with her seven drunken, derelict first of whom she agreed to marry.

3.  Belle was a snobbish Southern belle, who could not abide the fact that Beast was a Yankee.

4. The witch won the publisher’s clearing house prize, got a face-lift and liposuction, hired a personal shopper to re-outfit her in appropriately fancy clothing then went on a year long cruise.

5. Mr. Appleseed bought a northern Maryland farm and started making cheap wine from the apple orchard. He patented Boone’s Farm apple wine.

6. Casey was a flamenco dancer who performed during the seventh inning stretch at a Mudville Day Game..

7.  Mr. Bunyon was a podiatrist

8. Jack was a gambler with a problem…..He bet that he could win a hand from the local poultry farmer…..the bet was “I bet you a goose that lays a golden egg I will win”  Jack lost.

9.  He wasn’t ugly and he wasn’t a duck. He was a crocodile with a lack of self esteem. and poor eyesight.

10. Chicken Little was an habitual liar who wanted his parents attention.

11. Ms. Beauty went to great lengths to avoid the annual piano recital her music teacher demanded.

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  1. Oh yes, the flamenco dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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