day trip : scouting camp sites

Angela and I are really excited about our upcoming camping trip…regardless of our guy’s reactions to the thought of camping in Springtime.  They are bot full of all the reasons why we shouldn’t even consider a trip in Spring….

it rains all the time

there are super-sized thunderstorms

it’s too cold

it’s too damp

it’s too….too everything.

I really don’t know why they get all nay-sayer-ish over the idea. Ang and I plan for every contingency (and then some), we are fully prepared for everything except a level five tornado! They don’t have to do a thing except help us carry supplies and the tents to the pickup truck…I pack the truck and drive it…Ang packs and drives the van…..the guys don’t have to do a freakin thing until it is time to set up the tents and both of those are “instant’ ones that take less than five minutes to raise.

We do all the prep, cooking, cleaning, washing up, fire starting, wood gathering and tent decoration…….dunno why the men seem to get their panties in a wad over the whole thing.

We are planning a trip in late April when the temps will be moderate…chilly at night so a fire is a wonderful thing, warm during the day so no jackets are needed yet it is still comfortable.

But we’re planning a trip to a place we’ve never camped….so this morning I picked up Ang and we drove the two hours to the park…and looked around. We have six sites chosen that will work well for us; 2 in the tent only areas and 4 in the RV sections. They all have pros and cons to them…but any of them not already reserved will do.

I took notes on each site…..and drew possible layouts….then we numbered them in the order we would choose them.

We wrapped up the trip with some pictures taken with my phone camera………

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4 thoughts on “day trip : scouting camp sites

  1. I hope it’s a great trip.

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  2. We really did see some neat things in this park!! I think it will be a great trip, Just got to calm the hubby down about it!!! augh…..

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  3. Yeah, but where’s the sauna and the golf course and the Micky D’s. Whaaaat? No indoor plumbing in the tent? ENJOY! 😁💖

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  4. Hehehehehe you gals just keep planning your trip and drag the hubbies there! They’ll thank you later, when the 4 of you have so much fun together 🙂 xx

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