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One of the things that my husband enjoys is building models…of airplanes, tanks, Military equipment of all types…you name it and he has probably built one..or seven dozen.

Today George spent about four hours at Enid’s Woodring Airport Museum repairing wooden models from 1947. Some were “newer” in that they were built in the late 1950’s.

Usually he is picked up by another friend in his modeling group, but today he asked me to give him a ride.

I knew he’d been working on these models but had no idea of the scope of work until today.

Seven models hang from the ceiling…they are all models that he and his friends have completely repaired and are on permanent display.You can see a few of them hanging above George.  He rebuilt/repaired the three directly above him.

The Museum has two tables set up for the modelers to use in their repair, and volunteers from the modeling club are there for several hours each day.  No one wants to work on the plane George is repairing at the moment….when I asked one of the men why he stated “none of us are as good at this as George”.

Bragging a bit for just a moment, my husband now has models he has made hanging or on shelves permanently at five different museums around the country!



5 thoughts on “retirement hobby

  1. I need to introduce him to my brother in law who is likewise obsessed. He has been at it now for 60 years or so. George wasn’t an accountant was he?

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    1. no..a registered nurse in a trauma unit for most of his career..former army nurse.


  2. That’s great! Very talented.

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  3. He is looking well too, good to see. 😊

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  4. Such a cool hobby! Glad to see he’s doing well:-) Ken loves models too–I’d like to get him more into wooden ones too!

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