Fibbing Friday….

Theresa (the Haunted Wordsmith) asks us to lie like dawgs every Friday. Here are her questions, and my responses……

  1. It wasn’t a message in a bottle that was found on the beach. What was found in it? looking backwards in the iron age (when I was raising my sons) and remembering bottles formerly in my car with both boys…urine. Yep, they’d pee in a bottle which I would then cap when we were on the road.
  2. What do the rings in trees really measure?  gnomes
  3. What is one food that you cannot live without?  liver
  4. You thought you packed everything, but when you reached your destination, what had you forgotten to pack? my husband
  5. We’ve gotten Halloween wrong for centuries. What is it really and when it is celebrated?  the autumnal equinox and tinker bell’s birthday (much like president’s day is now)
  6. How old are you?  23
  7. Why do people really wear glasses?  so people will think they are intelligent
  8. Old people aren’t senile, what are they?  engaging in a second (okay, probably third) childhood
  9. When people say they are just talking to themselves, who are they talking to really?  no one….duh!
  10. What goes best with corned beef?  nothing
  11. How do you like to end your day? by staying awake
  12. How should Star Trek have ended? it ended?????
  13. What movie or book has the best ending?  Great expectations

5 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday….

  1. Love your response to Q12!

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  2. hee hee! measuring gnomes! Good one! 🙂

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  3. Fun post, great answers! I especially loved your response to #12!

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  4. Ah, that’s so fun!

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