Can we talk?

I know I am passionate about certain things…things like politics, religion and human interactions. I can become a raging lunatic too.

I used to enjoy discussing opposite points of view with people whose ideas or beliefs were diametrically opposed to my own. I could do so without being emotional…and I miss that.

For the past three years I have watched myself (and others) lose the ability to have rational political discussions…or religious ones.  We have become so polarized it seems there can never be a meeting of the minds..or at least a desire to see another person’s viewpoint.

We have a sort of anonymity here in the bloggosphere which seems to give us permission to just let loose when we are angered or disturbed by current events…we denigrate those who think differently…we call each other vile words or names.

And I feel some shame for taking part in it…for glorying (as it were) in my own feeling of superiority over those who disagree.

I can not begin to understand a certain political point of view…that of being “behind the President” regardless of the lies, the obstruction and the racism. I fought for too long to be “as good as” anyone else in the workplace and the voting booth to back down from what I perceive to be wrong, but I will think before I speak (or write) from now on.

I am proud of the fact that I am a liberal-minded person. I do not think people are better or worse due to their skin color or creed…I do act on my beliefs and work for change in appropriate ways. …but I am not happy that I have mouthed off and denigrated others for their politics.  That behavior will cease as of this minute….and I will work on being a better person in the future.

I thankfully am just a tiny voice in this world we bloggers inhabit.  I don’t seriously have to worry that some mental case will read my horrified reactions to what our nation is becoming and go off to commit violence somewhere. But I do worry about what I personally am projecting into the world…and I am choosing a more peaceful and thoughtful way of sending my thoughts into the world.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
― Barack Obama


15 thoughts on “Can we talk?

  1. You have pointed out a very relevant point.

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  2. You have to keep in mind in any debate you are going to come up against at least one idiot, who thinks no matter what they are right. In those cases its like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how they play, they will strut around the board like they have won.

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      1. Thank you, lets pretend I made it up rather than found it on the internet

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  3. People don’t understand how I can be “blah” about politics or even neutral to our President. That’s just not where my passions lie. The polity is too large for me. My little voice indeed has the power of one. I comprehend that one plus one plus one will change the world. I get that.

    However, I only have so much energy and attention span. With small crisis #1, medium attention grabber #2, lack of #3, and the #4 thing immediately calling for my local, personal attention, I don’t have too much energy or impetus at the end of the day to yell, write, fight, advocate, or pound the pavements. Some days it’s just enough to get out of bed and put on clothing. Other days I can take on the traffic and lines, the idiotic bureaucrats and on-hold phone muzak, and still have energy to make dinner. (I usually can’t get past the aches and creaks the next day, though.)

    When I was younger did I fight the good fight? I suppose so. Being a female in a male-dominated profession, clamoring for potty parity, volunteering for women’s health and counseling victims of domestic violence, I did all that, And when the kids were young, as a single mom, I juggled raising them to be respectable, respectful citizens with keeping the bills paid, mental health issues, family matters, and caring about the environment (professionally and personally). I recycled. I helped friends. I was a nice person.

    I can’t fight what the news chooses to focus on today, the next big titillating thing. The distortions about my people are endless. A reality exists that Jews are imperiled even today; Pittsburgh, my hometown, still reels from the murders last fall. The news lies about “Palestinians,” focusing on what the Israelis are supposedly doing to them instead of calling their leaders to the carpet for misappropriating funds, keeping their own citizens in distress, shooting rockets into Israeli cities while crying about Israeli aggression. The emperor has no clothes. The news paints Israelis, “Zionists”, and Jews with a black brush, and distort the truth that Jews have an historical claim to have a homeland in Israel.

    The President is an ardent supporter of Israel. That where my buck stops. That’s way bigger than whatever else the White House inhabitant is doing. I don’t have a TV, I don’t watch the news. I listen to a little NPR and mostly get my news from online sources. That’s too much already. Meanwhile yesterday, a few blocks from me in Baltimore, a 5-year old girl was shot accidentally in her own home, four people were murdered near the zoo, another few checked in to local hospitals with gunshot wounds. There is a drug and crime epidemic here and neighborhoods lay wasted while the downtown gleams. We are a city of abundant brilliance and depraved poverty. Washington DC is only a 50 minute drive away, but it’s so far off my map.

    Today I will probably have another cup of coffee, apply for a few more jobs, and massage the pain in my shoulder. I will pray for the recovery of a friend who was just diagnosed, and operated on, for throat cancer, and of course, George’s recovery from defibrillator implantation surgery. I will watch a funny video on YouTube. Tomorrow I will celebrate the “redemption” of a first born child on his 30th day of life at a “pidyon haben” ceremony, then go to an eye doctor appointment. I will try to plant some seeds in my little garden now that night temperatures aren’t dipping below 40F. I will plod by and by through my bills and obligations, hoping for that magic job interview that will put me back in the land of the employed, tax-paying, and useful. And I will remember to file my taxes before April 15th.

    Maybe I will post this screed on my blog. It really just started out as a note to a friend.

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    1. after being in both Israel and Palestine I get it..and am consistently beyond annoyed at the ‘news” and the disregard for truth coming out of the area.


  4. I think that there are perhaps more deeply divided differences of opinion nowadays and frustration is manifest. I hear people insulting the intelligence and integrity of those who do not share their views and I don’t hear a whole lot of reasonable discussion. And I suspect that there will be more of this to come.

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  5. I had a similar thought a couple of months ago but have to admit I find it rather hard to stick with it… 🙋‍♀️🐝

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    1. me too..i am pretty sure this is attempt number 3………..

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      1. 😁 I’ve stopped counting but keep trying 😘🙋‍♀️🐝

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  6. I’m sorry if it was that guy who was making his crazy, divisive comments on my post (including in response to your comment) who triggered this post of yours. I think he is one of those who gets pleasure from stirring things up and demeaning the positions and beliefs of anyone who doesn’t share his. I am doing the best I can to not take his bate and to ignore his comments. Eventually he’ll get tired and will crawl back into whatever hole it was that he crawled out of.

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    1. no wasn’t him. I found his “arguments fascinating” actually. he reminds me of my youngest son…as a teenager…sophomore in college and knows everything and everyone else is an idiot. lol

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  7. This is a good good resolution. I’m in the same position, constantly feuding with my family over their tolerance of intolerance. It’s hard to stay calm!

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  8. This is why I moderate all new commenters–I have a blogger friend who had a political post get retweeted by a larger organization and he was inundated with trolls. It was pretty nasty. I’ll take the Viagra and Nike spam over that any day!

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