so I am kind of wishing…..

That George had transferred to a rehab center instead of coming straight home after his implantation of a defibrillator.  You see, after someone gets a pace maker or defib implanted, they HAVE to keep their arm stabilized and NOT reach up. The arm on the side where the debib is implanted, that is….not both arms. although…….

It turns out that if the arm is raised up the “leads” (little teeny tiny wires) that go into the heart could pull loose…….this is a bad thing. This would make the poor implantee go back to have it removed and reinstalled with a minimum six week rehab in the blasted hospital….so….since we aren’t made of money I get to help George keep his arm still.

Have you ever tried to keep an active man NOT active?  Do you KNOW how many things a person does that makes their arm raise up?

Thankfully I got a handy-dandy-arm-keeper-stiller from the doc before George came home. It is a sort of velcroed waist belt with an arm strangler attached…also velcroed. it’s kind of cool and I sort of wish I had two.

George would maybe heal faster with both arms stuck to his sides!

In the meantime he is bored and I am ridiculously busy just helping him do stuff like put on socks….or a shirt…wash his hair or other parts. Actually, this could get really interesting.


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  1. You’re a good, good wife. But don’t let George fool you – a man can do many things with just one arm.🤣💖

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