Fibbin’ Friday….. Theresa is back with this rather warped challenge to lie a LOT…….

Here are this weeks questions:

  1. What is in your left shoe?
  2. What did the tooth fairy leave you on their last visit?
  3. What is your favorite soup?
  4. What goes best with chocolate cake?
  5. What is the strangest thing you have found in your yard?
  6. What is the moon made out of?
  7. What is the real reason Pluto is not a planet?
  8. Why do rabbits hop instead of walk?
  9. Where was the last place you lost your car?
  10. What was the last thing you borrowed?
  11. What is the black pearl?
  12. Twilight wasn’t about vampires, what was it really about?
  13. Cats and dogs really don’t hate each other, what do they do when we’re not looking?
  14. What do fish do all day in their tanks?
  15. What are stars saying when they twinkle?


  1. my right toe. I cut it off to take up the extra space in the toe of that silly left shoe.
  2. Gum disease. Her dad is an orthodontist.
  3. Stone soup
  4. Marmite
  5. 37 feet of buried garden hose…..and a coffee pot
  6. moon stuff…or it could be dinosaur poop…that’s what Sam says it is anyway
  7. because pluto is a dog!
  8. Their legs have springs instead of bones
  9. in the Mississippi River..oh wait, was i supposed to lie?
  10. a stick of dynamite
  11.  the opposite of the pearl black
  12. the absence of light at the end of a day…
  13. fornicate
  14. sleep
  15. nothing……………nothing at all………

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