excuses, excuses………..

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately….I have a ton of reasons for doing so.

George’s operations

George’s recovery periods (one of which we are only 1/3 of the way through)

Springtime, with it’s lovely pollen

Billing issues with the home owner’s insurance

None of them kept me from the blog quite so much though as the health problems I have been enduring lately.

I have a bazillion allergies, and in caring for George and dealing with bills, etc ignored my sinusitis until it became bronchitis and possible pneumonia. I finally, after three solid weeks of non-human breathing, coughing like a dog with kennel cough, and a constant sore throat went to my doctor.  She put me on massive anti-biotics which have kicked my butt worse than the illness.

I have finally turned a corner and can breathe again, the fever has been reduced to merely hot instead of lava-like and I can once again eat.

So, after writing this flimsy excuse of a post, I finally have the energy to argue (hopefully successfully) with our insurance company and get my monthly (instead of annual) payments back.

8 thoughts on “excuses, excuses………..

  1. OHNO I hope you’re better now

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    1. not yet..but hopefully soon.

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  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Good luck dealing with the insurance people. 🙂

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  3. Hope you get better soon. Hugs

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  4. Life happens. Glad you’re back.

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  5. I look forward to the blabbering, blathering Suze. I hate insurance companies…and robo-calls….and in your face preachers….and politics. Fly away with me Suze. We can go to Gonstagos, there is a special cave with indoor plumbing for nuns.😁 Great cliff-side views of the water.

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  6. Ugh. Arguing with an insurance company. The thought of having to do that is enough to make you sick…or sicker!

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  7. You never have to justify anything to us–I’ll take what I can get and send positive thoughts for a speedy recovery to you both. I keep hoping the warm weather will come and invigorate everything but it’s still too cold here for my taste!

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