news is obviously a drug

Like an addict reaching for their drug of choice, I turned on the television set to hear Attorney General Barr wax lyrical about our poor benighted President and the complete lack of evidence of anything illegal……………

And I wondered how the Senate could have approved this scum-sucking sycophant for his position.

Does Mr. Barr not understand the job of the Attorney General is NOT being the lawyer for the President?  How could he fail so spectacularly to heed the oath he swore? (yes, I know I answered my own question with the prior description of the man) His JOB was to be the Attorney for the PEOPLE of the United States. His job is to uphold the rule of law…not bury it under lies and groveling.

I am so tired of people in “high places” acting as if they don’t have to follow any rules but those they make up as they go along.

What ever happened to INTEGRITY?

I actually downloaded the redacted version of the Mueller report yesterday. I started reading it….it reads like a novel. It’s fascinating to see all the machinations of the people working with the Trumps during the campaign and election…and into the administration.

It was like reading a collaborative effort of Proust, Hugo and Camus………..with a soupcon of Hunter S Thompson thrown in for good measure.

And I realized that the ONE intelligent thing our idiot of a President accomplished was to NEVER TALK TO THE SPECIAL COUNSEL…if he had, I am quite sure he would have bragged about the laws he broke that didn’t have anything to do with conspiracy but would have him impeached and thrown under a jail anyway.

I do wonder what those things were…for in his own words if we had found out he would have been “fucked”.

The Mueller Report has a single paragraph in it that not only caught my eye, but caused me to read it several times….and it made me think for a moment..”ah, this why Donald is “fucked”…..

“Fourth, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President
clearly did not commit obstruction of justice , we would so state. Based on the facts and the
applicable legal standards , however , we are unable to reach that judgment. The evidence we
obtained about the President ‘s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from
conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred. Accordingly, while this report does
not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”
Mueller report, Volume 2, page 2

(italic’s my own )


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  1. Idk how anyone could hear/read the news about this report (even via Fox) and come away with the idea that Trump is anything other than the scummiest of people. He’s just horrible, his entire family is awful, and the people who surrounded him prior to now refused to do the worst crimes which is the ONLY reason he’s not facing charges. But those people are gone, replaced by demons, lol.

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  2. Suze, I also have referred to our need for a daily fix of news as an addiction. I say it facetiously because I need to tone it down a few decibels. But, the bottom line is that we care about USA and it’s democratic institutions, we care about our world, we care about integrity and honesty. It’s who we are. Believing we exist in a world of good and evil in not a religious thing. It is fact that must be screamed from the highest mountains before the values we treasure are lost. Great post. Now let’s share a Twinkie and a hot chocolate.🙏😎

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    1. have the twinkie…I had to fight George for it. dang……

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  3. Funny, well not really, how T picks apart everything and just repeats his made up version. Who believes him anymore? Barr is just as sickening as he is. Incredible. I hope to wake up from this unending nightmare.

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  4. If I’m reading this correctly, the investigation was a waste. Mueller and Barr didn’t do anything, nor solved anything. Garbage. Everyone going to pretend this is not a bad reputation on US soil to have a president who is disrespectful to everyone in power, he came with lawsuits, lawsuits before sitting in the Oval Office. But they love him and see he’s making America great, where?


    1. no, it wasn’t a waste. Barr has definitely done something and that was to act as the personal attorney for the president..which by the way, can get him impeached from the att gen position. Mueller gave the information as he was required to do to the ag, who is REQUIRED to give it all to congress. Congress then can determine that enough information was given to consider impeachment. The obstruction counts are more than enough to impeach the president. Knowledgeable people in the US already know what a POS the president is, and are steadily working to take the senate and presidency in 2020. His supporters are the fringe radicals, and people who are more intent on making money than being ethical.

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      1. What about now? Everyone wants to wait until 2020, great let’s allow this president to make more mess. Congress is a joke and so are these laws. Everyone twist them to fit their own agenda. Instead of us so focused on presidential, we need to start voting for these senators, governors, etc. that’s where it hits the most change. 🤔

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      2. i agree. that is the election of 2020. Let’s just give congress a chance to do their jobs, and f they decide to impeach, I’ll be 100% behind them. The house is already requesting mueller to come and give testimony. And they are investigating things that were brought up in the report that they could not do beforehand.
        Should the house start presidential impeachment, more than likely Trump will resign. he’s basically a bully and a coward, and will want to twist the narrative to suit himself. it took more than two years to start the impeachment of Nixon, and the Mueller investigation has already brought about far more indictments and convictions than the nixon impeachment ever did.

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      3. 👍🏼 true. 🤦🏻‍♀️ honestly, right or left; I need these children out of office. And let’s get some politicians with wisdom and courage to get this country back to Greatness or close to it. Make American finally united, not this garbage “make America great”. Does trump even know what that means?

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      4. i highly doubt trump has a clue what greatness truly is…he talks in sound bites. Until we, as a people, are ready to hold each other up in respect, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or any other “difference’ between us, we shall never be truly great.

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      5. Absolutely right. All that means is, we have to stop being so prideful and agree to disagree, accepting healthy difference, and selfless behaviors. Humanity has a long way to go! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  5. We really not only didn’t need Barr’s Trumpy spin on the report but it was the first noise his minions heard and no matter what comes after (and there will be a lot) it won’t matter at all. They heard what they heard and all the Fox & Friends crowd are good with that. The Dems have their work cut out for them for 2020 trying to lose both Barr’s whitewashing and Trump’s snake oil salesman hypnotic hold over people who really don’t care if he shoots anyone.

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