our Easter

George and I no longer attend any church, nor do we have small kids at home..so we just don’t celebrate any Church holidays anymore. (Christmas doesn’t count since it is also secular)…what we DO though is to find some place that both of us have never been before and go visit for the day.

Today Angela (my “bff” as the kids call her), George and I drove to Red Rock Canyon in Hinton, Oklahoma to check out the park for campsites.

We took along drinks and lunch fixings in a cooler bag to save some money….and each enjoyed a lunch out in the park.

It was gorgeous……………..it was also completely full at every site but three. Good thing for us all three were the “handicapped access” sites, which is what we always use. Considering that all three of us are now “handicapped” it just makes sense.

The only question we now have as to future camping is…can George’s defibrillator monitor be taken with us and attached to an extension cord.  If it can’t, our future camping trips will be completely curtailed for the next ten or more years. So it appears we have more questions for the monitoring company than we at first thought.

Anyway, we had a great time and I took some pictures to memorialize the trip.

9 thoughts on “our Easter

  1. I love your little videos! 🙂

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  2. Sounds like a perfect Sunday 🙂

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  3. Happy Easter! What a nice little jaunt to the park, I love the video and need to learn how to do that myself! Seems to me that if the defibrillator is charged up before the trip, say you don’t need it, it would stay charged until you do. I have a friend who has one, I can ask him about it if you like!

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    1. yes please ask. I worry so much that I could be playing around with george’s life for a camping trip. He adores going (well so do I) but the thought scares me.


  4. Portable generator maybe? Looks like a beautiful day for a picnic!

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    1. can’t have a defibrillator near any generators. they create a magnetic field that interferes with the heartbeat monitor part of the thing. it could falsely shock someone that doesn’t need a shock…which would stop the heart then get shocked again. scary.

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      1. Ah sorry—I didn’t know that!

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      2. no worries. this has truly been an educational experience…and I really really miss having a microwave. sigh

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