and the prep work begins….

Angie, her hubs Garry and I went on a day trip to Canton Lake today.

We had camped there three or four years ago, but the lake sites underwent overhauls two years ago, and this past year all sites had electricity and water moved in much closer to each campsite.

Roads were paved that hadn’t been a few years ago. All in all, the recreational area was MUCH nicer than before.

Canton is an Army Corps of Engineers property, and has a wildlife management area within the grounds.

Prairie dogs can be seen throughout the area, and honestly? I found myself squealing like a little girl upon spotting a mother with five kits playing around their tunnel.

I really wish my camera had been with me instead of a cell phone so I could have zoomed in on them. Next time.

This trip was simply to see if we had uniform cell signals throughout the park.

You see, George has an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker and the recording base set uses cell technology to “speak” with the doctor’s office/monitoring company.  It is absolutely mandatory that the machine have at minimum three bars of contact…so we brought out our cell phones to check the bar signal at each campsite we liked.

And, as it turns out, our original site from three years ago (which we all adored!) is the perfect site. Five bars of service over every square inch of the site. An electrical outlet right next to the tent site, and a fresh water source near a kitchen area. Just couldn’t have arranged the site to make more sense for us.

So now, all we need is the OK from the cardiologist (which should be given easily) and from the monitoring company. George has an appointment set already for the 7th of May, and if he gets the go ahead (which I truly believe is forthcoming) we’ll be off to camp for four days the following week.

10 thoughts on “and the prep work begins….

  1. How wonderful! Have a terrific time.

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  2. Is this canton lake in ok? Because there is one in a Tx too. Glad it worked out great for you and George!

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    1. oklahoma…it is an army corps of engineers lake. gorgeous place!

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      1. you schedule a trip and we will meet up for sure!

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  3. Oh that’s such good news–I hope he gets the go-ahead!

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    1. oh me too. George loves camping. it’s been our only real “vacation” for years and we have been to hundreds of state and federal parks. I would hate for it to be something he is no longer able to do.

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  4. Well jealous of you Suze, l adore prairie dogs and their yip, yips 🙂

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