i don’t seem to have a title……..

I found myself staring at the title line in this silly editor and realized that no matter what I end up blathering about it isn’t going to have a title..so why not just say that and get it over with already?

Then I thought…whatever AM I going to  blather about?

I have nothing much to say.

I suppose I could tell you about this morning…not that anything magnificent or wonderful occurred but it is gone already and maybe someone somewhere might have a tad of interest in my morning just past…so why not?

I woke up…I generally do you know…wake up that is. I eventually sat up and eventually got dressed,….and eventually made breakfast for George and me…..are you noticing a pattern yet? Yea…I was being lazier than normal this morning.

George was raring to go and do something…didn’t really matter what the something was either so I made him go to the grocery store with me. I hoped it would dampen his enthusiasm for something doings……..

We finished up..got the toilet paper, cat food, soda pop, sinus medicines and two candy bars….George NEEDED a late Chocolate breakfast don’t ya know?

I had to take a detour on the way home due to high water across the road (it’s been storming up a …well….storm all night.

In taking the detour, we had to pass the local salvation army store so (of course) it was mandatory we stop and “just look, Suze, we’re just looking”.

Our “just looking’ ended up costing 15 dollars we really shouldn’t have been spending……..but it did net us a:

  1. Jacket, one each, US Army issue desert camo
  2. scrub top, one each, US Army issue, desert camo
  3. scrub pant, one each…are you getting a picture here? For some reason George has regressed to once again wanting to wear those desperately UGLY camo clothes!
  4. one toaster oven.

Yes, I can quite easily use the toaster oven since we threw away the old microwave oven.  (Can’t have the microwave anymore due to his implanted defibrillator)…but all that CAMO?

Turns out George is ALSO planning on gaining permission to go camping and wants to “dress for it in style”.

I don’t have the heart to tell him we are going to a lake…not the desert. He is just too happy with his desert camo clothes.


11 thoughts on “i don’t seem to have a title……..

  1. A fruitful morning, eventually

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  2. I heard there were some tornadoes up there…hope none too close to y’all. Keep safe!
    Sounds like some good bargains at the Salvation Army store! 🙂


    1. the tornadoes are all northeast of OKC which is an hour NE of us, so we’re all good. Had horrible T’storms last night, torrential rain and thousands of lightening strikes. the dogs were terrified!

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      1. Dang! It’s that time of year though, for tornado alley. Glad the worst is passed by you now.

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  3. Hey Suze, I’m with George. A man can’t have too much camo.😁

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    1. he STILL ha an entire dittybag full of various Army uniforms..his dress blues are in the hallway pseudo-closet, and his drawers are pretty darned full as well…..I think he has enough now. LOL

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      1. Hey, start your own Army surplus store – should be enough wannabe commandos in Republican Oklahoma to buy his stuff

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      2. i may have to in order to supplement our income! dang!

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  4. Maybe the title was ‘What More Camo?’ 🙂

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    1. dang…I wonder if I should edit the post now. That’s a decent title!

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