Medicare for dummies..or how the govt screwed us again

George and I are both eligible for medicare this year…for those overseas, Medicare is the govt insurance for disabled and elderly. You may have heard for “medicare for all” being touted as the way to go by the democratic candidates for president.

I thought (until today) that Medicare was “automatic and the govt gave the insurance to you”…..wrong.

There are several “parts ” to medicare…parts A, B, C, and D are the best “known” yet we are woefully ignorant until we age into the system. Oh we know one of them is for the hospital and one is for a doc but beyond that most of us have zero clue.

Here’s a small recap of the parts.

Part A = hospitalization insurance…the govt pays up to 80% of each bill.

Part B = doctor’s visits, urgent are visits, and outpatient treatments of various and sundry types are paid at 80%.

Part C = supplemental insurance…pays for whatever you sign up and pay for (like cancer insurance, or something to pay for that 20%)

Part D = Prescriptions paid at 80%

Part E = Vision and dental  pays up to 80%

Please note everything is paid up to 80% of the total bill for services.  YOU pay the 20% left over.

Now I always thought that these insurances (A,B,D) were free…..silly me. For the privilege of receiving Medicare I get to pay $135.00 for parts A&B combined (must get both when you turn 65), and $30.00 a month for part D. I need the dental and vision (cataracts are making me go blind) and that will be another $30.00 a month.

Let be me overly frank and show you what that does to my monthly retirement check.

I receive $891.00 a month. The govt will reduce my monthly checks in August. They will automatically deduct for each type of insurance I signed up for…that will be a grand total of $195.00.  So my check, that they fully expect me to live on should George die, will be a grand total of $696.00.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am GRATEFUL that medicare will provide me the ability to receive medical care. I really, really am.  I just wonder how they justify my $696.00 a month as being a “living wage”.

I understand that when deciding whether or not to “waive” my fees for the insurance the government adds George’s Social security payments into my “living wages”…but HE only makes 1900.00 a month with HIS Social Security…..and HE will ALSO have $195.00 deducted from HIS monthly benefit.

And once they deduct BOTH fees for the Medicare parts ABD and E for BOTH of us, we will be BELOW what the government considers “poverty level”.

I KNOW there are people far worse off then we….but this is going to put a serious crimp in our “retirement”. There has to be a better way.



5 thoughts on “Medicare for dummies..or how the govt screwed us again

  1. Suze, I changed my Part C plan just last week so I am somewhat refreshed on Medicare. Part A, the hospitalization, is what you have been paying for all of your working life. Part B is an elective, but you cannot get Part C unless you have chosen to carry Part B. Part C is called the supplemental plan and covers a variety of goodies that are really important like primary care visits at $0, and lab work at $0 to $50. Now, I have ‘diagnosed’ heart disease so my Part C provider does a buydown of $100. That means I pay about $35 each month out of my social security check. Days 1-7 for a hospital stay costs me $195 per day. Days 8-90 cost me $0. Skilled nursing home is $0 for days 1-20 (that would cover a knee or hip replacement rehab) and $150 for days 21-100. Additionally I get OTC supplies for free up to a value of $50 per month. Before you work yourself into a tizzy check out what Part C plans are available in your area and study them to decided what is best for your needs.😎💖 It’s daunting but it’s possible to get reasonable coverage.


    1. so is there perhaps a something that when you buy it pays all those danged fees for everything else? lol

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  2. I really don’t understand what the US government has against free healthcare, maybe not something like we have, because while it is amazing, it is failing, but its the only highly developed country in the world without universal healthcare and the other 49 countries can’t be wrong

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    1. From your mouth to our Congressmen’s ears! We have been trying to get universal coverage for years, and finally people are starting to see the benefits.

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      1. I would like to see it sooner rather than later, I can’t imagine thinking my child is ill but I will have to wait because I can’t afford to take them to hospital

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