Rory asked “who are you, Really?”

And I thought about it. At first I thought “oh who really cares?” but then I realized that I care. Yep, me….so here we go again trying to answer the age-old question of who am I? So, Rory…here ya go.

I am female, first and foremost….with all the angst of a teenage girl waiting (praying) someone asks me out for Friday night…knowing no one will except possibly Horace who is only the biggest nerd in high school. It doesn’t matter that I am a senior citizen in real life…well chronologically at least……..I still think and feel like a teen.

I am pretty sure every adult has a kid of some much younger age inhabiting their brain…they just don’t admit it.

I have had multiple careers that all led me to my final one of being a drug counselor/abuse counselor. Heck, even my childhood led me straight there…………for I was an emotionally and physically abused child. I survived it though.

I survived an abusive marriage, homelessness, alcohol addiction and multiple tornadoes…I am a survivor.

I raised two sons to adulthood…I lost my baby girl when she was three days old. I survived all of that.

I married my best school friend and 30 years later we are still together and still adore each other.

I graduated from Seminary but lost my religion……I am spiritual and feel connected to the planet and humanity much more than I ever did while “believing”. I have no fear of death as I have already experienced it and was brought back by a very skilled surgeon…….Who am I?

I have a wicked sense of humor, a strong conviction of what is right and what is wrong, I am a strong defender of equal rights for everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason people justify hatred of others. I am far more liberal in thinking the older I become. I am a voracious reader of anything written because I refuse to lose the ability to read that was so hard won. I have dyslexia/dysgraphia so typing is the way I write. I am loyal, hard-working and honest.


3 thoughts on “Rory asked “who are you, Really?”

  1. All very admirable qualities. Nice to meet you,Suze

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  2. You are awesome, that’s who you are! Your past and mine have many parallels, and like you, the older I get, the more liberal-minded I become.

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  3. Hey Suze, this is an excellent response to my question – so many, many thanks – genuinely appreciate it :0

    What l don’t however find funny is the WP hid this great comment from me for three days, currently l have comments for some reason turning up in my pending folder days after they were made and despite checking the pending folder every morning and finding it clear, l am surprised where all these comments are appearing from……………… however that WP frustration aside. My apology for taking nearly three days to respond, but once more thank you kindly for taking the time to write your response so honestly as that is what l truly admire 🙂

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